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Hey it's slavery in court we welcome back to another episode is yes very bad with another does for your career confidence your hashtag girlfriend yes and at a summer time taking a break from our regularly scheduled program to talk through the hottest the media's marketing business yeah i mean is so much going on round catch catch epas epas yes so we're going to be talking about some of the takeaways from some of that era finds her own work last set up a team also we will be taking august all relaxing like everyone else in the world so no new episodes an august but otherwise catches the first in the fifteenth of every month but for y'all know we like to start with the clock and see how we're doing personally and professionally courtney what's going on with you has her summer going good it feels like it just star to be summer yeah really so i'm carrying up it's my birth the we had enough to cool by guys here this that will be often grade yes you really well girl right i wifi man's name shed banana thing amazing i'm very excited i'm i'm this weather report some spotty thunderstorms but you know what the way my god work all work addi good faith happy birthday that would be awesome but about cheery up to our chilean relax them i just got off a big uh worked event i saw yes league big big event travel down for that but now that that's kind of closed down i'm just sort of taking it easy regrouping reigniting assam jobsearch casually but also girl a summers.

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