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Reopening tomorrow in Phase three beauty businesses such as Nail salon's tanning studios and tattoo parlors open their doors to customers for the first time in months. Indoor donning will not resume in New York City is Mayor Bill de Blasio was taking a cautionary cue from other states that have seen spikes in cases after their bars and restaurants open for indoor dining, spa facilities, outdoor dog runs air open and group gatherings of up to 25 people are allowed. Goldman Sachs Group. Economists revised it down their estimates for the US economy this quarter, but predicted it will be back on track in September. The Goldman economists led by young Hatzius said they now expect the economy to grow 25% in the third quarter. Still, that would result in the economy slumping 4.6% this year. But wait until next year. The Goldman Sachs economists said they still expected growth of 5.8% in 2021. The 9 11 memorial is open to the general public today for the first time since it shut down in March due to the Corona virus. Alice Greenwald is president of the 9 11 Memorial and museum. One of the things that the memorial represents. Even more importantly, on the Fourth of July is the ability for this country in the city to be resilient to come back from moments of great loss. Great pain. The 9 11 museum is still closed. A man photographed fleeing smoke and debris as the south Tower of the World Trade Center crumble just a block away on September 11th. Has died from the Corona virus, according to his family, the Palm Beach Post reported. Stephen Cooper and electrical engineer from New York who lived part time in the Delray Beach, Florida area, died March 28th at Delray Medical Center due to Cove in 19. He was 78. Global news, 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg Quick take powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. I'm Susanna Palmer. This is Bloomberg is Bloomberg. BusinessWeek with Carol Master and Jason Kelly from Bloomberg Radio. Well, today we're being some of the most important and we hope informative conversations we had On our daily radio show Bloomberg BusinessWeek this week. Carol and we can't get too far away from politics. No, and it's easy to sometimes forget to presidential Election Year, Jason It's just about four months away. Josh Green, one of our favorite voices from Business Week Tohave on air, He's the national correspondent. He wrote the book about the 2016 elections. This week. They're writing about the role swap going on between President Trump, the incumbent and his challenger, former vice president, Senator Joe Biden. Basically Biden, Jason is acting more like the incumbent just joined us along with Bloomberg, BusinessWeek editor Joe Weber. Overall, what stood out, which is the oddity of this race, But the specific thing that seems so Ladas we talked that is that you guys have sort of just swap roles. So in speaking to you know, past presidential strategist, administration officials, Trump officials Really have to do with the unique nature of these two men. I mean, on one hand, Donald Trump loves being a Kennedy bustling stadium rallies and tweeting and criticizing people, But he's never really kind of cottoned to running the government and you look at all that's going wrong in the country. The spread of elevated to the reception in the collapse of the stock market. All these other thing, it's kind of understandable why he might not want to focus on that run the way a traditional president would, which is having lots of Rose Garden ceremony and reminding people that he's the president and he's in charge. On the other hand, you know, we've never had a candidate quite like Joe by somebody who's been on the national stage for so long, and it's so familiar that he doesn't really need to introduce himself to voters. The way that like a new candidate like Barack Obama did in 2008 but it doesn't really have to convince people Hey, you know I'm qualified to be president, and he's been vice president for eight years. He's been a senator for 140 years or something like that. So he had very well. No name recognition. People have a very clear idea of who Joe Biden is moderate Uncle Joe, Whatever whatever. And so he had to camp out in his basement and as long as she's leading in the polls by 10 12 14 points. You could essentially run an incumbent's campaign and just say Hey, vote for me. I'm Joe. Time to put me in charge. Well in a big differences as you write your story is about, you know, incumbents, you know, going after undecided voters in the middle right and that's what's missing from Trump. Yeah, really. I mean, look, there's a reason that incoming presidents of both parties going back 100 years tend to do the same thing You roll out of a big second term agenda you bring in Government business bigwigs into the Oval Office kind of flaunt the power that you have the bully pulpit and We've established the conditions by which voters think you know that guy looks like he's in charge of things. Let's give him four more years that's worked for every president, you know, except for George H. W. Bush and Jimmy Carter in my in my lifetime, and then come and he has a really measurable advantage, so it's sort of interesting that Trump has chosen to Forgo those potential advantages. I mean, he can, you know, call of nationally televised address. You know he can reach out. You know he could get started Jobs program there things that you do in a big recession that Trump is just not doing. And by failing to do those. I think that helps explain why it is that swing voters voters in the middle at least right now, according to the polls, we have are primarily signing with Joe Biden. So, Josh, I mentioned the artwork and for those who haven't seen it, because this is obviously ah Radio program. The art department superimposed Ah, Biden face on Trump Trump face on button to get this point across. Andi, I'm wondering if that's still haunting you, Josh. It is haunting my dreams and I tweeted. I freed up the image of my Twitter feed a little a little while ago. Anybody want to check it out, and I'm pretty sure it's business Week. Online and in print, But yeah, it is weird. The face the face laughing. Very vivid visual representation of the broader idea was trying to get out here and one that you will not be able to shake from your mind, for better or for worse. And that's Bloomberg. BusinessWeek.

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