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Sleep and we're back to anna delhvi first of all she's my favorite scammer i've read literally every piece of content on the internet about her rise and fall including a lot of comment threads i don't know who it was her or like her representative or whatever posted her mailing address in prison on her instagram and i sent her a snail mail letter asking her to come on the podcast i will get you if we're able to get a phone interview with anna delhvi on this podcast if someone knows her tell her that we would love to have iran so we can hear her story and how she got to where she is a whole way just prison which is prison i mean i think we know how she got where she is but that's the thing it's like when you read these articles there was a really really good pieces in both vanity fair and the cut that are super in depth about the calm that she played and sort of how she so successfully preyed on women a third class aspiration of these women it really it really is fascinating and masterful so i this vanity fair photo editor md rachel williams she was actually scanned by delhvi herself and ended up costing thousands of dollars so she wrote this piece about what exactly happened in vanity fair so basically she meets anna in a hotel and anna says that she's a german heiress who lives out of a hotel and has these grand plans to open what basically sounds like the soho house of art so it's going to be quote a dynamic visual art center dedicated to contemporary art and she talks about how she wants to use family trust money to afford this she wants to get investors she sounds like someone who has grand ambitious plans but here's the thing this kind of plan that if someone if you met somebody and a hotel even if they seemed rich and they told me they had this idea the plan would still kind of sound preposterous but that's one of the tenets of her scam which is the same way that tinker bell only exists if you believe in her like if you don't believe in her she dies and i had this way of making people believe these grand plans and these grand schemes of hers even though they sounded preposterous and in a kind of way the reason that they are kind of believable is because they sound over the top rachel writes in my line of work i had offered encountered ambitious well off individuals so though her undertaking sounded grand in scale and promising in theory my sincere enthusiasm hardly outweighed a measure of skepticism and again yeah you can see how you know someone media rich girl on a hotel who's like i had this grand idea to make this big lavish club full of art and rich people if anybody else told.

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