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You know, all of these bills and all of the other bills that are being filed on the legislature and their thousands already involve senators and house members in the best sense kind of trading with each other. Can you work with me on this? I need help on that you need help on this other thing, it's a collaborative enterprise. And you know, there are a lot of things where you know, Senator from El Paso might not care. What's going on in Morello Morello Senator might not care really about what's going on in Dallas? But their friend from one of those places is asking them for help. And there's a conversation that goes on all the time. That's kind of what you know. That's what they're doing on the floor. They're milling around talking to each other. You know, feeling each other out can I do this for you? I can't afford to do I can help you with this. I can't help you with that. That's kind of what happens when you introduce a bad relationship into that messes everything up, and it's not just that the Lieutenant governor and the Senator from Merill. Aren't getting along. It's that every other Senator when they're dealing with those two has to have this other fight in mind while they're talking about their business. So I would like to have Cal Seliger's vote on this Bill, but I have to wonder if I'm talking to Cal Seliger about it. And I'm negotiating my, someway, getting cross ways with the Lieutenant governor who's help I need on this other thing over here. It just complicates things. And is as things get more comp more complex as you go into a legislative session. Those kinds of sour relationships really begin to tell you know, a great example of this is what happened two years ago when Dan Patrick and house speaker Joe Straus than the speaker weren't getting along fouled a lot of deals that might not otherwise have been problematic. Ross Ramsey every Monday, Wednesday and Friday there Texas Tribune dot org. Pre she giving us e oh, Georgia vici-. You always so staffers. I want you to write this thing in such a way that the fellas in Lubbock understand it, and you do a great job of that Ross. We appreciate that. Thank you. All right. Have good week. We'll talk to you next week. But wednesday. All right. Ross ramsey. They're going to get in with our friend, Mike. Bizarre. Hope he got your questions answered there with Ross Ramsey probably one of the better Ross or NC appearances, we've had answering plenty of my questions hope so for you as well. Take a break right back in here on the other side on the other side, my czar in-studio ready to go got my Tim pool. Head on. Myself say business and home sick right here. Hear about. In studio. Again, we have our friend might bizarre bizarre solutions. Mike. Let me turn you up. How you doing? I'm good, sir. Kick plane life good. Yeah. Get your staple look on here. Khakis in your. I'm your button down towards you. Start the day at your sleeves all the way down. I'll usually roll them up tall. And so if I can't like, even when I get some tall shirts. I feel like they're follow my wrist Frong lengthwise. Yeah. So it's more habit than anything or tall like torso. Or is it for show? I I would say it's fairly proportional stem side guys, are medium size is just at my torso. So long like Taylor's who were like, you're freaking HR, somebody call Guinness put. Couldn't Dunkin high school torsos tootle. Yeah. It's all torso. That's my link comes from the torso. I feel like I'm pretty proportional. I don't know. I just know that if I don't buy tall shirts most the time. Then when I reach in things, they untucked all the way. And that's why I feel like it's you know, I gotta have tall stuff. All right, man..

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