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How big is this story. You got i think nationally covert and you got trump. Yeah covert and trump. I think and then also the how confused you are over trump. Right you know you gotta get your kenwood bubble. Now i love trump. You have to get out there and meet at all. You're surprised that he lost. I thought it could go either way but what you don't understand is the level of animosity among those who don't like trump. I mean. I know people who think he embarrasses their country globally every day and they hate him for that. I look at his policies in the success. There that's all that's that's not good enough for them and in fact some of them would disagree with those. Don't care with the french. think about us anyway. I don't care. But i i look at the failure of the policy and the american people people were crazy that over obama getting elected because so many of them saw that as us looking good slash cool on a global basis. That's more important to them than policy policy matters most to me because they has said it often that if he loses it would be his own worst enemy he caused it himself by his behavior and he caused it himself with his first debate with biden that was he had a chance to redeem himself and people looked at that and said now that feels that that's enough lost from self in the first debate i think possibly but there is massive cheating. Also i believe because you can't tell me that biden who conducted no campaign whatsoever. He was in a basement. Got about eighty two million total votes obama in two thousand twelve sixty five million. And you can't tell me. That biden was seventeen million votes better than Than obama and fact any president mean by but that many more seven hundred million and and it's because of mail in balloting and absentee balloting. I don't mail in balloting. Should go away except when absolutely necessary but the reality is you're underestimating the level of animosity. The people that hated him really hated. I really hated him. I mean they were gonna vote against him three and a half years before the election and all he did was compound their reasons day after day after day. If you're in that camp that's exactly what they saw. I ran some numbers in hamlin county. Because you know how many county voted about seventy thousand votes against trump won so much for biden and you would think that sharonville blue ash. Montgomery shall we say or republican areas. They voted for biden. Yes when you lose blue ash in montgomery as a republican. You're in trouble. Yes and that's what happened. I mean do you think these people that that cheated and gave it to biden just forgot to not all the other republicans win. They forgot to not let the republicans pick up the house. They forgot to not let the democrats take the senate. They forgot all the gubernatorial and senate races across the country. They just forgot about those right. Well now there was a lot of under voting happen. Which is they vote for the top ticket and no one else and that was the measure of cheating like in wisconsin. Two hundred thousand people allegedly based upon the thousand sixteen standard. The votes wouldn't have counted and this was on johnson seren couple of days ago. But i i don't know how it turns out but i know that biden is..

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