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Said it amounted to trying to undermine the president Nikki Haley said that goes against what the American people want and she called it dangerous and offensive it's going to get pretty cold across much of the country this week frigid air is moving in from Siberia yeah Siberia National Weather Service meteorologist Brian Jackson says brace yourself and bundle up Minnesota Iowa Wisconsin Michigan and across the plains liking including Candice thirty temperatures in the single digits it's not just the Midwest he says three hundred records could be broken all the way south to the Gulf coast there could be some locations that are called for two days in a row in the set a record both days a cold front started in Russia faces dome of cold air came from eastern Siberia across the Arctic Ocean down Alaska Yukon and while the cold air is already here the worst is yet to come I'm Julie Walker healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente says its chairman and CEO Bernard Tyson has died unexpectedly at the age of sixty the company is not providing any other details at the moment this is AP news a surprise at the theaters the World War two Phil midway is the top movie didn't get great reviews we believe it's midway but midway did earn praise for its attention to detail and riveting fine see graph number one with an estimated seventeen point five million dollar homes called the shining Dr suite a sequel to the shining was expected to do better at the box office but it opened at number two with a little more than fourteen million playing with fire a family comedy about firefighters stuff for children got hand but it managed third with twelve point eight million did you find me elves for so cynical brillant STV's Adolf times in the last Christmas starring Emilia Clarke debuted in fourth with eleven point six I'm Brian Tong the average price of regular grade gas is two sixty two a gallon according to the triple a that's a penny more than a week ago eight cents less than last year at this time I'm Reid of folly AP news a new I'm ready to fall way.

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