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Home. Did her homework. That whole So yeah. I'm just i'm ready to drink with guys like ants years when you when you drink that what you said honey. Lemon and ginger. Is that what you said in jerry. Yes one was was more pronounced to you too low set in these questions. i think. Probably the limit primarily general. Cloudy for sure very strong. Yeah when you wash down you get the honey and lemon but like gender and some. I right definitely nice. So as as we do on the podcasts. We rate the beer's as pass me another. I'll have this one earth. Keep it in a cooler. How would you rate that June shot passing another during branch. Oh very specific the severity of okay. How were they those people who like i drink based on my mood and like like the good thing is you would bring that to a setting like if somebody was having something at a house gathering kinda thing you'd be like l. a. Contribution you bring it. Exhaust right also never had hard computers. I gotta find out how hurricane is it just all that harder nail is like heart right right but i never had been any of the trident. I've never had them either way over or non hard. What is it soft research for you. Ask anybody that's why. Also your new york. Don't i got to do more research. I saw smoking chaser. I like to drink some soft. I am gonna driver today. Oh okay. whatever doesn't work right all right today. third. I still am drinking working on no The boozy bill girl s gave me so long. I have the cultural divide. It's a blue blackberry and lime kettle. Sour cezanne this is the can if you guys can see that can help bears and all that stuff in there. I was very very good. This is what it looks like. That joint looks really really a purple. Really purple purple. As it's a isn't a one pint can is six point. Two percent alcohol by volume. This is from hall rivers. Aws hall aj w river farmhouse ales passing another. I like these.

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