Turkey, Russia agree to clear Kurdish fighters and control the Syria-Turkey border


The five day cease fire between Turkey and the Kurds extended after negotiation between Turkey and Russia the new agreement calls for joint Russian and Syrian government patrols beginning in one hundred fifty hours to ensure the absence of any Kurdish fighters in the safety zone within eighteen miles of the border between Syria and Turkey Russia's influence in the conflict has grown since the withdrawal of US forces from Syria after several hours of talks in Sochi Russia Turkish president air to want refer to Russian president Putin as my dear friend boxes Steve Harrigan and your bill the wrong Senate democratic leader Chuck Schumer again blasting president trump for pulling most US troops out of Sirius a clear demonstration of the president's feckless nous when it comes to dealing with dictators this one of the worst decisions in decades it puts Americans here in the homeland in danger the chair of the Senate foreign relations committee says sanctions could be imposed on Turkey for

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