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And more type of content and try to get to the net flicks maybe not fully netflix scale 'cause they won't be able to but still get closer to that. And I'm pretty skeptical of that. I do like I was super skeptical wants the. Eighteen crew came in and basically ran report who is running HBO for years and years they bring him out obviously, and you know there was that famous townhall meeting with. With John Stanky who's now in charge of all of of at and T. at the time, I was just in charge of Warner media, and now he's in charge of the whole thing and there was this weird town hall that they did with Hbo Folks and it was clear at that point that things were not setting up well, and that played out over the next six twelve months, and now we're at this point where they brought a new people including Jason. Cuyler who I think is really well regarded I. I don't know him personally, but I do think like you know what he did it who is was definitely seems like it was ahead of its time and he's really highly regarded. So there's there's a chance that they can do something interesting here, but it's not gonna be what HBO was regardless and again I think eight apple can step in and fill void. It's it's sort of like you have to. accept. That some good ideas have a maximum. Scale of how how much money it's going to make how pervasive it's going to be and I feel like in. The Cable TV era HBO was about as successful as it could have been. It's hard to imagine a scenario where the premise of okay you pay. Thirty, forty, fifty bucks a month for Cable TV and I'm talking about HBO came up and I realized people pay a lot more than that for. Now. But the idea was like when I was a kid that it was like, okay, you pay you know thirty bucks a month for cable, TV, and you get all these channels. And these cable channels you know it was such a distinction you know. Y-. ESPN was so clearly not one of the networks you know it was like it's nothing but sports all day And you know did just. Classic movies what a what a strange channel compared to network TV. But old movies. But if you like old movies, there are good you know and then you watch it, there's commercials and then here is this thing that was different and it was here's what we've got. We've got new movies like really recent ones that you remember being in the theater because in the theater like a year and a half ago, and we're GONNA show them with no commercials and that sounded when I was a kid it was like it just seems crazy to me that this idea that there what do you mean their new movies with no commercials did neither of those things were possible on regular TV? And But you gotta pay like ten bucks a month you know and. If you can watch you know get ten bucks of invariably enjoyment per month watching this stuff these movies, which you know it's the whole movie, the name home box office it was all movies and then they started making shows. It was really easy to this is easily worth ten or fifteen bucks for our. You know us you know Sopranos and six feet under and so many great shows the wire you know it's one. So many people think is might be the best show ever made. That Sopranos you know a lot of the arguments over what's the best show ever are all between HBO show early. HBO. And just ten is that worth ten or fifteen bucks, and then even when there was home video, it's like what's it cost to rent a movie cost like you know to get a tape for two nights it's five or six bucks or something like that. You know. So it's easy to get to work the ten or fifteen bucks that HBO cost into that equation and yeah, this is great. Then we don't have two goanywhere nothing to send back. But. The maximum scope of the idea of HBO. We're only gonNA show good stuff and you're GONNA pay extra for it and that's it. There's a maximum scaled to how big that was going to be, and it's not as big as Netflix. Right Netflix is a bigger idea. It just is you're comparing a very big planet to a son. You know I think that's right and it's interesting to look back upon because there was this famous sort of like idea that you know would Netflix's be able to become HBO Faster Than Hbo Netflix was a thing that people back. In the day. Right and it actually ended up not being the case at all because they ran a playbook, which you know was was similar in different eras, right? So you noted that that HBO basically bootstrapped off of Hollywood movies without commercials, and then they eventually moved into their own content and that own content eventually became the main product Netflix's similar thing where they bootstrapped off of old shows basically more than movies but they had movies too. And then able to move into original content and that eventually became the thing, and now it's to the point where not only is it? I? Mean it is. It is being done at a scale that was you know previously like could not be believed that they were spending this amount doing this amount of new content on a yearly on a monthly basis that they are right now and it's like they just zoomed right past HBO. And you know I'm not sure that that netflix's wanted to Netflix's even knew that they would. They would basically create a show for like every type of person every type of genre of countries rather than being what HBO was sort of the high quality bar thing maybe they thought in the beginning with house of cards that they would aim for HBO. Style. Show. and. We'll just do these because it's going to be so expensive and somehow they were able to figure out a way to do this at scale. That HBO now is we're talking about like you know maybe thinks that they can try to do that but they're not gonna be able to because they don't have the right model to be able to do that.

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