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Helping joanna. And as william snow really sleeping in the forest as a guard on protector. Now chapter forty eight and forty seven we found. The terry was expressing feelings to joanna. And that's where chapter forty eight picks up. Lunch was chilly when they finished. He drove her to whalers beach where they just sat and watched the breakers pummel of stones in formations just beyond the serve. When the afternoon breeze cooked up she slid next to him and closed derives just breathing in his sent teri. My husband passed away just six months ago. I just don't know if i'm ready for a relationship. He leaned down and kissed her. I know and i know you've been through a lot since you arrived. Dungeness bay all. I ask is that you think about it. I'm here for you. Whatever you decide. She kissed him again. And they got up and went back to the austin healey and wrote in silence to the apothecary when he parked he took her hand to keep her from getting out. Is still isn't safe here for you tonight. Come back to my place. Stay in the same room you did before. No strings attached. I'm just not letting you out of my sight until the killers arrested. She gave his hand to squeeze. Thank you for that that evening. The plan was rehearsed until they knew where everyone would be. And it would be stressed to mac and john that the intention was to trap the killer. Who would be in possession of the fate map at which time he would be arrested by either sheriff cowdery or the da's agent but a direct confrontation with the last resort. Tension was high for joanna not just in the next twenty four hours where things would be really getting exciting but in the next twenty four hours a murder of gus and there would be under arrest but she would also have to deal with the investigators. Sent on behalf of the state district. Attorney terry was helping. But with the construction of the metal strongbox. John and mac were working on the deck steps. Joanna was on a patch of grass next to the gravel parking area to taichi when a car pulled up in port just to one side of the big front doors. Terry bud walk to the edge of the apothecary and watch to see young man in a suit and tie climbed out of this. Bmw a walked up to joanna and just watch that. She moved through her last forms when she stopped to turn face him. He looked back and smiled. Can i help you with something Yeah i'm doug lemon from the district attorney's office. I'm looking.

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