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Affordable care act is probably the number one thing on my hip parade that we need to go after and if we can take three mediums down fifty to sixty percent imagine what that would do for the economy of the united states telling people that your rates are going to go up again next year and i'm going to sit here and tell you're gonna hear numbers like fifteen twenty percent more like forty to fifty percent i actually wrote to the cat carrier local carriers saying you know it's hard for me to sell bronze plans the cheapest plans in the market when they're getting hit with the largest increases fortyone percent last year for some of my businesses best because of the kids rate where the affordable care act impacted adversely so today or yesterday and the rj the very stable genius of obamacare written by paul krugman of the new york times and in this is a guy who believes that the republicans retained control of both houses of congress you can predict that they're going to go after and retrial real repeal obamacare and they're trying to take insurance from twenty five to thirty million americans that's not people who bought insurance you have to remember medicare medicaid excuse me his is gone through the roof and the medicaid coffers things are changing this week donald trump signed into law were people that are medicaid recipients are going to have to work for their benefits the way it should be again you've heard me say this on many occasions we must teach our people how to fish to feed them for.

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