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Desk is covered with doodles and interlocking pattern of words. Peace on earth and purity of essence on earth peace on earth peace on python t o e purity of essence. Only shots shots. Ring out as the door walk is destroyed and the door of the office opens enter bed. Cuanto brandish with m one carbine. Play your hands over your head. Do you think are doing shooting away in here. Who are you i said. Put your hands over your head. What kind of suit you call that fella suit this happens to be an op. Ed uniform sir. and i am group. Captain lionel metric. I am general rebus executive office. Where's general river is dead in the bathroom. Where's the bathroom next to. You wanna appears around the bathroom door and whistles in exclamation luck. I don't know it's sort of stupid game. This is back. But i've got a very good ideal. What a small code we call code is and i have to get in touch with c. a c. headquarters immediately. I said put your hands over your head and keep them there got any witnesses. What are you talking about witnesses. Hey short himself while he was shaving. No look colonel back if that really is your name. It's you that. I have very very good idea. I think i hope and pray you what the recall coot is. It's some sort of occurred theme. He kept repeating is a variation on peace on earth or purity of essence e. p. p. It's one of those. Put your hands up on top of your head start walking. You know that general repair wanted as bad as a nutty macchia and sentence wild wing to attack the soviets. Don't you know that what are you talking about. I'll tell you what i'm talking about. I'm going to pick up this red telephone with connected to that. S c hope for last last.

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