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I, heart, radio station One Okay Right KFI AM six forty. Show Mark Thompson is with us And. This happened in late July Techs came. In and the director of Chicago the second longest running show on Broadway history wanted to see the sole remaining remaining member of the. Opening night cast the next. Day it was, an unusual request the cast member Jeff level wits. Or level Holtz is his name He was an understudy who in recent years rarely performed and hadn't met. With the director in a. Long time the, encounter was brief again there's an actor from Chicago But mr Low our you pronounce said low full halts l. o. f. f. l. o. e. f. f. e. l. h. LLC slept holds as you said it was unsettling meeting. In notes he had jotted down and in the text message to, a friend he said the director had been brutal, to him And that the musical director. Had criticized his performance and at the end the, actor wrote the director told him to respect the production which he interpreted as suggested that he should consider quitting so they made him do this his act his part of. Of Chicago over and over and over and over and they bullied, him and there were mean to him and he He he was being bullied, and he quit the show because he's being. Bullied and then he killed himself geez man he killed himself this is apparently been, a big problem in the theory community especially obviously New York for a. Long time but he was that he was under contract and they couldn't, fire him so instead, of firing him having? Gone through legal battle, and paying him out harassed they, harassed him out of of the play now there's an? Investigation going on and no one knows whether it's? True, or not but this is the what they're investigating to see if this was true and when you say. This has been a problem over the theater, community especially in New York what do. You mean, you mean that they they, bully people out of shows. Or do you mean that, they're taking their own, life, I don't know what do you mean by that well in. A lot of people, since this happened, last month have started coming out more and, more they had they've been doing it anonymously for a. While talking about exactly this sort. Of thing, if they if they don't want somebody they'll make their lives miserable or at the same. Time the higher ups there they, they'll they Just have that, God complex and they just. Treat people like crap wow, that's horrible is fifty seven, years, old He was dealing with. The kind of career and life pains at every actor goes through I mean I I've gone through it Mark you've gone through and indeed the pains that many every every day. Workers go through your fifty seven years old and you're supposed to. Perform, every night. And supposed to be great And and people will remember who this guy is he was the guy that played the female part in Chicago I'm gonna play the song for you'll remember him when I. Play the song here it is this is Chicago the musical.

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