GM, Andrew Luck, Angela discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show - Hour 1: Zeke's ongoing issues


Of out tough things may be it gives you some indication about weird things may actually lie and i say all of that to say to you that tells me that angela may not be ready to go and it's going to be far beyond week one i just suspect that yet in policies and get ready for the season entire season lashing passionate over forty two hundred yards 31 touched as thirteen and interceptions he didn't look like he was on suicide watch what change because he wasn't being sacked to the degree that he had been sacked in years past andrew look has not played every game of his nfl career in five years in the national football league he's been sacked 156 tops he's been hit about four hundred times this do because a grigson a former gm and this inability to put a stop offensive line if front of edgy look has been a virtual suicide watch for crying out loud but somehow some way he's been up right enough to get the three playoff appearances three consecutive 1105 seizes his first three years in national football league but right now if you look at him things are not great things are a bit tough and the reality is that we don't know what the status of andrew luck may be moving forward and if that show situation what are you do and what do you think is going to happen the afc south i for one think houston go when a division.

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