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So I think he's going to definitely die if not next week but before the end of the season. It's I don't know as far as anybody else. Like, I don't have any guesses if we follow the prophecies than obviously Sarah sees someone who is vulnerable to to death in in. Maybe even Jamie, Lancaster, I feel like probably what the writers may be doing is paying some sort of penance for all of the sins of what some of these characters done in the past in doing that through death. So we know the most noblest characters in the characters with the best integrity. That's not always the case Ned stark. I think that they're not going to suffer at the same fate that some of these other characters in that that could include the Lancaster family. I mean that could include Tyrian as well, or we we may see something else with some of the other characters even though you said that like it's normal for the tar Garin to engage in incest. I feel. It's just weird to see that kind of reaction from Danny like, you're sleeping with your nephew. This whole time. You realize that and not once did she feel disgusted or weird or that was offputting? That ironed Brown. I will touch on this. I don't think it was. It was brief from sorry. Biffi touchdown on the show. You know, have a Sears was kind of creep with her and very affectionate towards her. Because in the Brooks grew up believing that she would end up marrying for series. For the nephew of a big deal. Comparisons of in your brother. So I think it's ingrained in her about incest. Just isn't that big of a deal an good? So once again infamous was upset about it Daming has an eye on one thing. And that's thrown. So who cares us? She's you know, smashed interview. You know, it's their own. She's concerned about on. That's as far as my predictions for death. I agree with the unanimous properly die when Terry today. I will I it. So I would not that evil pigs that since that's not happening. I will not allow it. There's not pass. I think even though, you know, as as you said people have done transgressions don't get there like Justice. But I think some innocence will die too in my money was on grey worm even though I don't want it to. Such the obvious play though. Like, I don't think they're going to do that. I think they're going to pick somebody else that we love. Don't wanna make love him. So mark. I feel like grey worm at something like, okay. Well, you know like. They Braemar Ray room. It's racist on the black Bryant. Blacks, whatever go him if they show, but like I just felt because they were like making plans, and they're so in love, and you can't have love and game of thrones. Like somebody has to die. So. I hope it's so you bring up the point about the prequel in how we're going to go back into the summer isles. Maybe we will see a sandy in grey worm in the prequel series in NC's something going on with that storyline. So hopefully, they do keep them alive. Just so that way we can find out more about those regions of of of world. Well, I was the one that got green lit because it's like a thousand years before probably not. But I know they had like four other ones up and running some e b we might get some more summer I'll love or maybe they might do. Maybe some ancestors of Masan day and grey worm. But like, let's just us slush pry through seven God's old guys. And you know. And the drowned out all them that we pray that, you know, black love. Exists and it's real concern by even in west rose. Yes. Let's all right. I'm doing the undoing the trinity San right now. Okay. All right. Let's get to some questions that we received. So let's see let me go back into my Twitter..

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