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I'm starting to get the fields for I'm starting to get the A smurfing back with him started Get the pangs start to feel the The encroaching baseball season. It could be fun man. It could be some fun. It could be weird could be a scope into what the Giants are doing in the future. By the way, an update little bit they signed. What's that kid's name? Kyle Harrison. The left handed pitcher out of the daily He finally reached an agreement yesterday. He was the number 85 overall pick in the draft about a month ago. Right early June is that when that happened, left handed pitcher was committed to you and was heavily committed. I think they thought that if he was not drafted his eyes he was he probably was not going to go play professional baseball. This is what some of these teams deal with is You got a kid who's committed? You want to draft him? But if you draft into high, you wasted draft pick on a guy. I'm telling this story like third. Third person through the grapevine third degrees of three degrees away four degrees away. Tyson Ross played played high school baseball out here in Oakland at Bishop O'Dowd, his brother, Joe Ross, do Gerard Washington National. He's opted out of the season. I don't think Tyson Ross had been picked up since the Giants let him go. Bottom line. Tyson was when I was a sophomore in high school. He was a senior. He wa I want to see he came in second for M V P of the jail. The Hayward area athletically thatyou're because Jason Castro, I think when the VP. Now Castro went down Stanford They went super Regional. He was a monster. And then and then, actually, Jason Castro made it all the way to the big leagues and made the final out of Matt Cain's perfect game. He sees every day on a decent career that I think is a Minnesota twin. Now was an Astro for awhile. He's bounced around, but he was he was a good player, Castro Valley High But bottom line is is both of these guys. That sort of applies to I want to say that Tyson Ross had already committed to cow by the time scouts. We're talking about the major league draft, and I think both of his parents are our teachers or take education very seriously, And I kind of told him like he's going to school. He's not gonna go play baseball till after he's done with school again. I'm hearing this. I'm sure there are people out there who know the Rosses and I'm Telling you this story like four degrees away from people who I know who know him who know people who know people who know people but Jason Castro. Same thing. He might have been taken much higher out of high school. I want to see the red sides drafted him, unlike the 25th round or 30th rounds. I'm like that, but he's already committed to Stanford. They knew he was going to go play ball there and he comes out in his a first round. Draft picks. So Kyle Harrison, the giant selected him Number 85 overall left handed pitcher. He got 2.5 $1,000,000 signing bonus, which is like I said, above the above the pace lot for number 85. Get this and make with what you want of high school baseball stats, but it's kind of fun. When you see a guy who's I feel like that right guys in the big leagues are probably the best from wherever they came. Whatever you know, wherever whatever, Cracker Avenue are street of the country there from every kid played in a league with a guy who is the most dominant guy in the league, and I feel like that's what the big leaguers are there. The collection of those guys Cal Harrison in high school get this. He went 21 1 with a 1.19 tiara at day LaSalle. He also last year as a junior went 10. I know The 1.26 tiara Hey, didn't allow a run last summer pitching for the U. Eighteen's team USA World Cup team. He struck out 12 in 10 innings. So hard throwing left handed pitcher Okay, I'm in. I'm all for it. All right, let's get to some stuff from from yesterday and it actually just real quick, actually on the Kyle Harrison note. He's an interesting case because we've seen Patrick Bailey show up now to camp right. The Giants put Pat Bailey, who is their their top hitting choice or her top offensive selection in the draft in the player pool, just Because I think they want to make sure he's getting work. I wonder what they're thinking about the pictures. If they think a time off for the pictures is okay or time away, is OK that we could just give them a program and maybe save the number of innings of the stress on their arm. For the time being, could be Shawn Jelly. Also another guy, young guy who's not in the pool, so it seems like maybe this is by design. Not that I would expect a young guy like like Kyle Harrison to just 18 years old pop up it at Oracle parking the Giants player pool, but they now have three of their top pitching prospects. I believe you are not At camp, so the hitting prospects are because they want to get work pitching prospects. Maybe it's it's taking a little light on the arms but something to pay attention to, as we parse through the season anyway, so sound from Gabe Kapler yesterday. This is what we were just talking about his focus on the pitching staff relative to the hitters. Now he's saying he thinks the hitters they're just going to struggle in General Kate No. I don't know if he's just Sadie. It's a timing thing. I don't think he's slamming his guys. I think he just knows, Hey, that hitting is going to be an issue. It's going to be a timing thing. And the other thing to consider here is with these hitters. You will very seldom if at all, I think she a picture twice or three times in a ball game. Right, especially early in the season, Like what's the over under on Johnny Cueto Innings pitched on on Thursday of next week. 3.5. If he gets through three. I'd say that that's a hell of a relevant outing on maybe he's maybe he's more ramped up to that. Maybe he's good for 75 pitches and go four innings or five innings. And, of course it's It's how economically are, too. But Clayton Kershaw, I'll be a good litmus test for that. He's a true ace. Right? See what Ace Khun do on these. These either sort, pitch counts or or differently, manage ballgame so Ah, Here's Gabe Kapler yesterday talking about how he's more focused on the pitching staff than the hitters, and he tells you why. In all openness. I am much more focused right now on on the pictures. I tend to think that hitters are behind pictures and so I expect some struggles at the plate. In spring training and even this short and modified camp. It just takes a little while for others to catch up pictures, and I am uber focused on things like discounts.

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