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We're testing people When they need to be tested and then the people around them where identifying clusters And you know it's it's a waiting game at the moment it's unclear whether that policy is going to be effective or not at the moment. The numbers are are good but they are definitely increasing. You know we've been talking about this lockdown It it sort of feels like you know the phoney war situation where we're waiting this lockdown. It's not happening. But numbers are going up. And I think particularly Tokyo obviously are the places not so factored but that that it seems to edge closer and closer to more of a serious down but no soccer's bad as well and Tokyo decision to keep the schools closed at least until may you know. Obviously that's the that will be open to discussion. May but I think Tokyo's the big discussion at the moment. Just because the numbers here are worse and You know the testing issue You know remains to be proved. We're talking about it all over the world aren't we who has got it. Right is is testing the answer and not clear. An Japan is obviously decided that the moment that mass testing is is is not the answer. If you're just before we go. I is much of a discussion if you look. In the pages of the Asahi Shimbun the Yomiuri Shimbun. The Nick Gay is is there. Also a discussion. You're talking about a triple digit increase in the hundreds. It's not it's not thousands like we're seeing elsewhere. We're talking about a country which has over a hundred million people. Is there an ethical debate? Also in the Japanese press about it. What is the trade off here? A completely closed society that you're going to close down the world's third biggest economy because you're in you know you've got thousands of cases potentially But versus of course cedar key closing down you know one of two major economic engines on the Asia Pacific. Now I mean. That's a huge discussion. The business angle is absolutely massive and I mean clearly they do not want to shut down the economy. You know the repercussions just two enormous. So yeah that that's a big discussion you know. They've been offering emergency loans. And you know the the take-up in Tokyo has has has been quite extraordinary. These emergency loans for small and mid sized companies in P- it's already the request for assistance has already gone over a billion dollars so already people are hurting. So the idea that in the potential for the economic harm with a full lockdown is obviously really terrifying the government. And they're doing everything to avoid that. So yeah I think that is. That's going to be a big big discussion in the next week or so. I think you're right about the numbers that you know when you see what's going on in Europe Obviously it's no nothing like that. I think what you know. And this is what the. Us Embassy was saying with lack of testing. Are we about explosion of cases? We've been talking about that. We just don't know. What do we know if there is an explosion? Then what will happen so I think at the moment the idea is. Let's you know the sort of holding pattern. But they're putting in place. These emergency packages. They're talking about next week. There's going to be financial. Assistance for households are hurting is going to be a cash handout. Not that much. I felt they were talking about three hundred thousand yen which is about two and a half thousand euros And that said that's potentially coming in this supplementary budget. That's coming up. Funeral Wilson in Tokyo will of course keep following this As as you're listening to Monaco on Saturday said just coming up to twenty six minutes past the hour when we come back we. We've got to Juliette Linda here. Still looking at The papers from across Europe around the world roles are GONNA be crossing over to Hong Kong to speech. Warr Bureau chief James Chambers. Stay with us. What can you learn in a minute? More than you think. If he's subscribe to monocle daily email newsletter the monocle. Minute.

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