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Jr pulls off one of the best double plays You will ever see. Former Brewer Ben Gamble hits a rocket to center field. Bradley pretends like he won't be able to catch the ball while he sets his glove up near his hip and makes the catch baserunner Jacob style. Bites on the deke and can't get back to first before being doubled off. It's not often that you get that opportunity to be able to capitalize on it and for to to work. In that moment, it was pretty rewarding. Obviously, it helps the team. Bradley goes on to say he once made the same type of play against Derek Jeter, Matt Paulie WTMJ sports The Brewers taken by a final score of 72 same two teams back at it again tonight coverage here on WTMJ starts at 5 35. In football. Today is the day that Aaron Rodgers could choose to opt out of the 2021 NFL season for health and safety reasons. He would have to do so by three o'clock this afternoon. If he does, he would retain about 20 million bucks and salary has to make that decision today, though, and it is permanent. The expectation is that he is not going to opt out. And finally big news on the gambling front Governor Tony Evers in the United Nations have signed a deal to allow betting on sporting events at the tribe's casino and other tribal facilities. The signing authorizes betting on Sports for the first time in Wisconsin, Jean I think this is going to wrap up so quickly from having to go to because you know, and having to place your bets at the sports book to them, seeing this work and going, okay, let the floodgates open. Let's get it on phones. Let's get it on computers. You can do it from the stadium. You can do it from your sofa. Whatever the case may be, I think you're going to see a couple of months of button pushing and test driving. And then when we're going to crank it to 11 heads were exploded. The first time dog tracks open in the state, and somebody was saying you think this is something, Joe? Just wait. And here we are. The money is going to crank up and everybody's going to realize that they can have their hands in that bag. At some point, That's that's when it's going to really crack up roller coaster and go crazy. I was just watching the double play with Jackie Bradley Jr while he saw that so well in the throw. I mean it cast in here. It was a little bit off, but I mean, you got to do testing on the fly. Yeah, maybe one of the most under talk part of under talked about parts of this season is with all those conversations in spring training about how difficult it Going to be for testing here and to adapt to first base. He's played really well over there. Defensively, Castings issue all years obviously been at the dish, but he's rectified that of late. He's making good place at first, and you write a heck of a throw by J. B. J after a pump fake in the entire Pittsburgh Pirates team, 6 49..

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