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It what it is that he sat on the phone this is prince Harry thinking he's talking to gratitude Burke who is that the young political right young climate activists yes so I direct Russian hoaxers asked prince Harry about Donald Trump and the first thing that prince Harry said wise he talked about the coal industry and then he goes on to say that trump will meet with you to make him look better but he won't want to have a discussion about climate change because he thinks that you outsmart him that's what he says whether you agree or not those things he's he's releasing in the phone call right this is up prince Harry I think talking to who he thinks is Gretchen Berg but really Russian hoaxers right on makes it you know which is this the exit of prince Harry and Meghan Markle from the royal family so prince Harry says I can assure you that marrying a prince or princess is not all it's made out to be there are a lot of layers to it and a lot of pieces to the puzzle sometimes the right decision isn't always easy one but it was the right decision for our family prince Harry says there held a lot of people around the world who can identify and respect us putting our family first it's a tricky one but we're starting a new life I don't know their family first I don't know if they did that or not well when it comes to family to everyone on the bus yes the refs Russian hoaxers also asked about prince Andrew you know he's in a lot of trouble for Jeffrey Epstein yes Jeffrey abstain and maybe sleeping with women who are under age and all while he was married and course a member of the royal family and prince Harry is like very little to say about that he should have been a clue though like you why ARE we talking sixteen why she asking all these yeah right now Donald Trump think she's put it sure yeah I can see that but it's fine yes my Jeffrey you're sixteen years old yeah I talked to a sixteen year old girl hi no red flavor that's when he's like wait a minute yeah yeah we continue to answer that after that quite a few okay I will say it started off boom things you think you'd be talking about you know and then we slowly get into prince Andrew and that's when he prince Harry says no I don't have anything to say he says but whatever he has or has not done is completely separate from me and my wife we operate in a way that we're we're inclusive and then we focus on community we are completely separate from the majority of my family momentary said that an interest only first but man that Russian hoaxers were posing as ready to break out what about yourself tell us about yourself so people love to talk about themselves maybe he's back on track prince Harry that I was in the military for ten years or more normal than my family would like to believe complex about family yeah and then the hoaxers Russian hoaxers talking to prince Harry moved on to using private jets because you know here's the the royal family who do use a lot of private jets to get to and from and prince Harry said unfortunately there are very few alternatives we have to fly on commercial planes all over the world no where near as much as most people who do it for nights are for weekends certainly for my family to protect my family from these people as you can well understand I have no idea what that means eight I think he's he is in the mind set of it is us against the world it is a prince that was born into wealth and royalty yeah he's had such a tough life going against the royal family so that he can focus on his own family member to be list actress yeah okay and look I'm watching the crown so clearly I am an expert on the royal family your favorite thing and I just I feel like they're really biting the hand that fed them yeah you can very easily not agree you can easily not agree you don't have to dive on the people you have given you gotta Hossam I get asked a privileged life like a wealth privilege life and I'm not saying you have to you know you can't put your family first in that you shouldn't put your family first but I just feel I feel sad for the queen in a way based on the ground that you know here she is true try to give them stuff it's not the most loving it doesn't seem like the most loving family but yeah I mean they're all born into a lot of power a lot of money and I like Kate Middleton way better than I like Meghan Markle so there I said it yes all right other Hollywood news on a much lighter note have been definitely Shea who is married to Nicole Shea says the secret to their marriages what are your guys his tips on my keeping a really strong marriage sex no overrated knows right is they probably have like the most luxurious I water for everybody usually there's one person outside the water why I don't I love you Nick so I'm in the shower I'm like all right I have a full day you will fall down like it's it's either now and he's not with me yeah the kids are at school it happens and then later that night cherry on top it's great but if not you know like we already did right so like she likes because she can be quick you should get out of the way aha just be done I'm not actually better yeah that's another I don't like that well she's back to the marriages that you know if they if he wants it all the time and she doesn't maybe she doesn't I don't know but it's the she knows he wants it and so here we are and if that makes you happy then well my potter then like now thank yeah yeah I'm gonna be here at the turn on part I it's important for me for the other person to be turned up yes I agree is it it is when that starts yeah it's all about you know it is by the other person means himself on his face the entire you having fun okay he was very selfish no not in the bedroom I don really yeah I don't I'm not feel cut but felt comfortable enough the other person is also achieving their L. S. yes I'm trying to go through that unless you have like the every once in awhile quickie because it's like you have time for those can be this can be super hot yeah for sure but I just didn't take Jason dot com shocking Jason I'm learning new things about you all the time now do you make do you call your wife Carol Jason Meyer have legs that just makes you could manage that but you were one it's a big it's a big deal to me unless you blatantly says all right let's do that let's get let down and she actually she is the most selfish person probably in bed I realize maybe five if that doesn't happen and I do there's hell to pay yeah I just want it makes it meet once I know I got that out of the way you know depending on I am very sensitive what I'm talking here because I have to yeah but they get it out of the way right this is that you yes I want that yes okay I got one under my belt and then possibly another and then I'm like I'm in the clear no I get it yeah because if you're able to you know for your wife to have the ultimate like.

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