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I couldn't be more comfortable, Polly, I I figured if I'm in the comfort of my own home in the wintertime That I should robe it up. And you know my buddy late and shut up. L d Leighton D'Antoni, who? Dear friend. I was in his wedding and he gave all of us. Probably the greatest wedding gift I've ever been for being a groomsman. He gave us all personalized robes. And we turned the word robe into a verb because we would go robing where we wear our way will wear out today. I'm going robing and I highly recommend that you guys Go roving, too. It's fun. Shit. Go ahead. I don't have a robe. I'll have been given a robe. I was like, In fact, I'd like Tony Ryan, who is my superior. A knbr to give me a robe for Christmas. I'm gonna put him on the spot and say, that's what I want. Give it to me. Done. But be careful what you ask for. Well, careful what you wish for that because I might be. He was short satin little thing that Prince might have warned back in the days Just barely. Okay. Barely covers his backside. Do lower cheeks hanging out, you know? Yeah. If I don't go for some runs, I think they might be hanging down killer Do not Tony. Here's the scenario. It's Christmas Morning. Shannon's in his new low cut robe, and we've got like just barely covering his lower like hairy cheek area and then He's like Shana, you wait here I'll go. Make some coffee. Dude reaches up into the cabinet for the Cubs Up goes the robe. Now he's got both cheese fully exposed on Christmas Morning, Shannon, your thoughts of call. No one wants to see that. I'm a Scotsman. The cheeks are red. They're very Oh, yeah, That's hearts. Now they're bright red, You know, like lobe Rudolph nose is you don't want to see those cheap, awesome. Awesome. Ginger cheeks ate away can be our Hey, like I'm just a guy that you know, you're just jog to thought right now with when you thought about the cheek hanging out the kids and I we watched a Christmas story last night, Right, Ralphie and you'll see dry out and Um, the end rifle and all that. But I actually for the first time ever couldn't get past the fact that Like the whole lamp thing with one leg lamp in the ass cheek hanging out and did not even need to be part of the story. And why was it at one leg lamp as the prize? Shannon, I'm gonna let you handle this. It needs to be part of it, because it's so so iconic. I mean, what a ridiculous idea like what a great item and everybody owns one, which I think is incredible. Whose are so bizarre? Another. Another note on cheeks is, uh, Lamar Jackson squeezing his cheeks. Running to the locker room, your guys his thoughts on whether that I mean it's grotesque. It's disgusting, but But is it important to discuss? I'm glad you brought this up, Shannon. It's important that we discussed like real life issues. And here's the thing we got. I listen. I don't care at all the guy needs to go. You got to go to go. It's fine. What? It's the denial. Tony that concerns me. It's the staunch. No, no, no, I wasn't going to the bathroom. No, no, no, that's that's what kind of concerns me. It's. It's Lamar's perhaps is his emotional unavailability. To embrace a bodily function as it calls Tony. If you cared a retort, I'd like to give this to you. I have been on a lifelong crusade to end the stigma of bowel movements. Because, uh, what? Yeah, I on. Of course, we're going to get to Niners and dubs and Giants hot stove and all that these air sports issues. Dude, Lamar taking a poop was a big deal. Lamar should have just come correct and owned it And I'm saying, yeah, it's like I tell my kids to own it because it's just a sign that your body is working correctly and kudos to your body working correctly. Listen to three of us understand the pressures of show business, the pressures of being expected to perform Hey, it's 6 A.m. Polly Max, say something funny. That's like the story of my life every day. That's my reality, Tony. Oh, I need a promo right now making about Alex Dickerson and the Giants and make sure it's entertaining. Shannon. You're on stage with the stone. Fox is in five minutes. Be ready. Go. Standing. Which brings me to my next question. We all understand the pressures the showbiz with Lamar. He's competing on the football field while the TV cameras around Shannon has you had a moment on stage when you re or or perhaps 30, seconds till show time. Get ready, Shannon, you're about to go and all sudden, you realize I've got an urgent need that's gonna need attending to Totally. I think every performer has to pee at least five times before they go on stage in the fuck. I know, like three minutes before their show. But my thing was Lamar's issue is that I find that when I'm on stage, I'm not thinking at all about taking a Or having any kind of bodily excretion of any kind. I feel like my mind is on the performance money thing is, why was it? You know, it's like a subconscious thing like it turns off. And I'm that's why I don't really think that he had to go the bathroom. You think I don't think anybody when you're in that mode really needs to go if I owned a Porta potty company right now, I didn't calling Roger Goodell right now and setting up a plan for the 2021 season to have Porta potties installed on the sidelines of every stadium. For and and then the team colors in the team colors and the NFL level like on the roof. Dude logo's right. The official honey Pot of the San Francisco 40 Niners. I mean, that's terrible. No double. What is it? Tablets of money maker in in the making. I mean, come on, honey. Dude. Hey, I got to be what? Where I step in. I'm hoping like this doesn't offend anybody. But I've already got a sponsor Attachment if you want. Oh, make some phone calls. Maybe ups can get involved in have their slogan. See what Brown can do for you on the Porta potty with the NFL shield. Exactly monster by ups, you what Brown can do for you. Dude. Fish did New Year's Eve Y two k Big Cypress Indian Seminole Reservation. In Florida. The came on right before midnight and played until sunrise there on stage for seven hours. They had a port a potty on stage. Why can't NFL teams have important buddy from the sideline? Did they take any breaks during that? They did not. They did not take a break. What about arms drums? Had he go? He don't think he ever left the drum kit. I don't think you have two kids. I mean, you know, I was under the influence of many things that for those seven hours, so Shannon isn't back in the old days. I remember one time he was like, I'm getting on a plane and going to Florida. Oh, I used to go all the time. All the time. Greatest weekends of my life. And my my point is, is that This had a port a potty on stage. The bell really little hit Lamar here, you'd be a spokesman. He has spokesman for bowel movements that you know what NFL Provide me The ability to go relieve myself on the sidelines. And so I don't have to face the humiliation that I'm facing now. Well, first of all, nobody should ever have to face humiliation because I got news for you, whether you're Bo Derek or or John Goodman. It's something that everyone's gonna have to take their right hand and Polly. Nothing's gonna happen until Belle movement persecution and this is all a riff These you know you two guys, you tell people but you really care about their movements. You don't You don't you're all you're all for giggles and is what you are. Yeah, Once again. It's like if I use profanity, I'll be cool, You know? Well, then, perhaps you would like to shift or no. Hold on. Hold on. What is your generation? Say, Pivot. Let's pivot occasion. Let's pivot the conversations the Niners or dubs or giants. You take it Go. Well, if we talk about 40 Niners who might have to talk about some more. Oh, wow. It's gratuitous now Standing..

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