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Joined now as we are every Tuesday by the senior pastor of the first Carinthian Baptist church of Harlem, and now member of the national board of nationalisation work, Reverend Dr Michael Ron, how're you doing read wall wrong. Pretty good. We have been talking. The Tiffany cross the call is about of course, the cavenaugh hearings. But also about the challenge of how we change the power paradigm in these elections. And a lot of discussion is how we deal with state races. You have three states where there's a potential of black governors in Maryland in Florida, and in Georgia, you have one in New Mexico could be a Latino was just the state election the state primary anyway in New York where he passed to one of the largest congregations in the state. And of course, the governor was renominated, but we for the first time in history of a black woman as nominated for state attorney general in your. Organizing and ministry and work. How important is the state elections? And how do we give it understand that politics stops, local and goes national and not just wait on the White House races to get excited energy? The only way we really do that. Basis at our communities. Civic organizations churches combination of both allied together where we were persons aren't taking about voting engagement teaching is almost like going back and teaching civics is something we do. CBC because what you realize that most people think that they're the for example, federal elections election for president is election impacts. And the most now is not the minimize. We know that the president is critically important our country, but it is often it's the local elections that get over looked the ones that impact people on a daily basis, for example, many people don't realize that even if the government decides to allocate funding to today's funding comes to the state state legislature, which has been elected by local locally will the New York state assembly. Stay Senate ventricles on down to local municipalities. She'll it really behooves people to be just asking. He's not more engaged, and what takes place in their local municipalities the persons who city council people the state legislature people. But it's really the local politics where rela meets the road, and where people have an opportunity to really impact in engage in a very tangible way promise that most people don't realize that and not only they don't realize that most people don't understand where power lies in state and federal government, for example. Looking at the reaction is after the primary here in New York and in particular the governor's race, and I looked on social media and someone said, you know, to Cynthia Nixon, well, you know, what you should run for mayor. So you can take some subway. Subway system is really a governance issue. But again, they showed how many don't understand. We're power lies at certain places in our state, and how to how to really engage I remember some time ago when they were people who were protesting who desired, and we know the special prosecutor for cases in New York that involved police shootings, and we saw the governor. But before the government actions, they were people protesting the mayor a man made that decision. So what you find is that there are many people who are not really informed as to how government works and we're power lines on state, but I think all over all over this country. And because they don't know they make assumptions that. Well, the big issue is present in president makes all the decisions the impact and locally. Let us go to the phones. Let's go to mock in Maryland, W, O L be home of Senator Larry Yung, Mark. Hey, how you doing? Good. How you doing good, man? I was I was listening to you earlier. And that thanks for your show Sunday. I was listening to you earlier talk to the young lady about the governor's races. And man, the jealousy Marlin Manny good during the primary read. But you know, I don't know where you've been in general. I mean, I mean, you know, holding. Nobody talks about just sailed in on the front end up after the all the heavy lifting was done through the Republican recession that we have with this question, Marilyn, real bad, and and blocked and everything then he came in after the previous administration did all the heavy lifting. So he could cut taxes and this that and the other. But what he did is this this Maryland link the mass transit you messed that up. You know, a lot of people called the missing link, and you know, what Mr. jealousy? You know, they've been hitting them with a bat. You know, negative ads and all that kind of stuff and whole shouldn't win. Because you know, he's he's shoulders to typical democrat. You know, not not doing anything for the HSBC. You the mass transit man, we had here we had a a public hearing on it and people were talking about losing their jobs and all that at Gorgan von Republican he passed away. He was so disappointed in in that system. Day. He was calling for boycott before he passed away of the mass transit system here in Baltimore, though. I don't know if you've talked to Senator young lately, but Ben jealous he needs a boost who should win. You know? I was certainly young Yung Frana was going on on the ground. Thank you for that. Dog you usually right on target. Let's go to Bill in Michigan or ninety on nine ten. Superstation AM in Michigan Bill. Are you doing revenue now palm doing well? I'm at the same age. So I've seen and I've been young man, you're a young, man. Sixty seventy anyway. This is one ask you about this kind of stuff. I would say already doing. Whether she lying or not. Stain stain is there and for the Republicans to recognize this day. How do you make that go away? Even even if she doesn't testify even if it don't like that. How are they gonna make that on weight out? Well, I think thank you for your car. Think. Reverend well-run that some people in this gets into. You and I often talk about in terms of morals, and and in terms of values, some people didn't mind Clarence Thomas. Having a seat and the state. So I am not convinced that disdains stopped some people from voting and putting them. Anyway, they're bringing up Anita hill again. Now, like, Anita hill, stop Clarence Thomas. Now, the difference is that some say, yes, we are in the metoo kind of era, and yes, we're talking about a white woman. But we also told by the white, man. So I don't know where the differences in fact in here. Yeah. I I mean, I think hold on now through remember what happened to Clarence Thomas hearings on now going to be necessarily convinced that this situation gonna stop the new four. This catches cavenaugh becoming a supreme court Justice. Even in the midst of the coastal with the metoo movement. I'm not convinced. I you've seen this before. And you saw I played out with the data Clarence Thomas. You would think that congress and the Senate will be better prepared to handle these kinds of scenarios, but even hill put out on social media that congress should have been should have learned from that incident. It'd be doing better around these issues and it hasn't happened. So I'm like, I'm not convinced that we're going to see some some great transformation primarily because at the end of the day the politics of it and the number that Republican Senate. So I'm just not convinced in some ways, it seems like they're doing the right things. Image. But when it comes to literally expediency. Just move forward. Let's go to Jay in Indiana. On XM.

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