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Now that we are back from our crooked eye breaks. I went to jamie's house of music and lands down to grab my growlers. You went to crooked eye brewery right in the heart of hat borough. We've got so fast. Mr. they're also poring at the rich borough. Poll i slipped by for a cold. One there another place you know. They're allowed to go import events. So you just never know where crooked. I will turn up but yeah man. I'm happy bro. it's the place to be man. There's so much going on but the music that's happening at jamie's house music. You just have a much more enjoyable experience there now because you can go in and have a beer or a mixed drink some wine. All jamie's music right there on the main drag right down the street from the theater there in lansdowne and it's easy to get to from the magic bag studios. Oh you're just so happy about this. I love it in the middle. It talking about that benetton and her little spider neil giraldo and they have made quite a life for themselves. They become almost like a cottage industry unto themselves like so many classic rockers. Have if you think about it. While her career did start in the seventies she was really an artist and she's one of the artists early on who recognized that they had the ability to continue to make records and tour at whatever level. They could achieve and develop as they went forward. They're one of the teams that figured out. How record stop sailing as well as they did. At the beginning of your career how you escalate the live. Show vibe and create that. They're one of the first eighty spans. Who reinvented themselves. And they done it a couple of times now and you gotta look at it that way. Because they're a band they've got other guys who play with them live here and there but there are a band and that's why they continue to make records now. It's been a while but after get nervous. They make tropico two year break in albums. The first time they had taken that long break. I know they did a live album in between called live from earth in one thousand nine hundred eighty three. But i'm sure they could use that break after those first. Four years of heavy recording and touring. That cycle is tough. Also because around. That time you'll draw was getting involved in producing john weight and starting to do more on producing on pets records too so they were kinda do it a little bit more work at home for other people you know. At some point you recognize the best way to go. Forward is to diversify and become more of a producer for yourself and all the other aspects of it when you produce your own records. You keep the producer points in house whether it's the band or the duo like they have or whatever so it really does solidly thanks. Now you've gotta make great records. Otherwise no he's gonna care who the producer is. And you can keep your points.

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