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I think if you get out of what is it jus- just pay Bank get out of that store. Get into department stores, which I know is not fun, but you can do some digging number two more expensive option is to have custom made shirts. It is more affordable than you think. I used to think it was completely out of price range that it was a complete impossibility. I don't know where you live. And this might be a question of what city you live in what access you have. But if there is a city near you that does any kind of custom work, it could start googling that getting buttoned-down cotton shirts made it to your measurements is becoming more and more affordable. I would highly suggest you look into that. So you're not going to get a cheap deal. But you're going to have shirt that is to your specifications, your body type, and it's gonna last number three go thrift ING, this is an option at that. Again. It's gonna take some time you have to do some digging also men's sections and thrift stores tend to be small, but because they're from not this year their clothing options that have a variety of clothing from different times. You are gonna find things that don't have that layer that coating of wrinkle resistance on it, you'll have some options, it's more affordable. So this really becomes a question of time versus money. And I wish I had a really suspect. Answer that I was like check out this one brands, but what a company or brand produces this season, and how they treat their shirts may be very different to what they do next season. So even if you find one answer that you're like this shirt works. This company works they might not produce the same shirt six months from now when you're going back because you want another one, that's my complicated answer. Lisa. What do you think? Yeah. It is a complicated answer, and the other thing that factors in here. Is that Cindy told me by Email that he was hoping to stay in the fifty dollar price range, and he knew might be a tall order. I think you can do it even custom. I don't remember the prices the last custom place that I went to. But I was very surprised that it was on par to what you could get out at department store. So my thought was why more people doing this because you could go to like a Macy's and get this or you can have a designed just for you and get the exact same product your specifications. Yeah. I'm sorry. That there is no easy answer. Otherwise, go thrift. I mean, there's some I've seen some great options and thrift stores you just have to dig and, you know, consignment stores do have men sections, and they're often like you said that there is much smaller than the women's section. So it's not as much of a hunt even like buffalo exchange. I would say that where it seems like a store that's geared toward like the very young. Like just out of college crowd. But you can find a wide range of styles and sizes where you're like consignment stores know that people have jobs, and so like things like dress shirts and khakis and loafers like are always going to be coming in yet. Agreed. Yeah. If you have any luck. Cindy, we expect an update if you find any good fines, we're gonna want some evidence pictures or it didn't happen. So I've been doing this New Relic cross off the letters as I read them. And it makes me feel very official. Okay. We have some like random random updates. Here is a note from Iona about grocery stores. She says I'm a native Washingtonian and wanted to pitch in on the Kroger story from last week. Okay. By now, it's like two weeks ago. But you know, what, you know, there are Fred Meyer stores all over at least in western Washington. And as far as I know they've always had more of a department store vibe with one third food, one third, clothing and accessories and one third homegoods like furniture, vacuums toys and tools. I think it's interesting that they will have their own line of leisure. But they've always carried a wide. Variety of clothing from bras to rain jackets. I don't think this move by Kroger really counts in the clothing and grocery stores debate topic..

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