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And but what I realized we'll go ahead with the rest of the well. Here's what the open Mike. He's got a question for you about a za fan of Bill Burr and a fan of Erich von Hessler. I would really like to know the story as to why Bill Bird popped off on you. Well, I mean, I know what you mean by pop. I'm assuming that that's a verbal thing. Just go with that. Let's open. Things got crazy on this show, but not that I don't know. You know, The thing is, I'm a big Bill Burr fan, and I don't know, Can you Sometimes people just don't mix, right? I guess I don't know that we're there was never any big Throw down or any well, there was the one time that he was on, and I piped in about something and he's all Yeah. You like to see you. You're the guy. You never left. You've been here. Your whole life in the world is what you think it is. And yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, Just it just it wasn't dislike as Muchas just kind of always being blown off by the guy didn't take me seriously. Didn't think that I was legitimate. Didn't think I had anything to say. And whenever it came in, just like where He always looks in the first, Mike, not the second. That's right. He was was a big fan of the theater guy in the funky monks. That's alright, It's America. Everybody needs a couple of bills. Funk. There's something and I don't know what it is. I think everybody everybody recognizes this. If you're a person who makes friends, a lot of friends. It's weird. Where every once in a while you just for some reason somebody doesn't like your pheromones. I don't know what it is. Things just don't mix and they don't get you and then they go there. But, you know, I don't think he's ever thought about it any minute But he wasn't in that studio. From my point of view. It's a little bit of a letdown when you're a fan of somebody and then you yourself know how absolutely brilliant you are. And your person you you like to also way always head. You know Jeff Garland from curb your enthusiasm. We had always had a great time. They've got to come in, and you know he was He dug it. He Doug what I was doing and we go back, and that was the way it was for most people, But every once in a while somebody would walk in. You know whether it was a comedian or a stripper. I get them refuse very much the same thing. When you're on morning radio, the strippers and the comedians. They were both up on like doing cocaine didn't fall didn't go to sleep that come in, do their appearances, go back to the hotel room and fall asleep until show time. Really the travelling comedian in the traveling stripper are are very much the same. The fact that there are traveling strippers what they are people who were you know, I don't know, like when we had magazines. Would be like the penthouse. Back in my day, Ginger, remember? Yeah, coming. They didn't know how to dance. Well, you got to do something up there so they would get a tour where they danced. And, yeah, it would be very much the same experience on a morning show of a stripper coming in a traveling a nation traveling the nation's stripper or traveling the nation Comedian. They're very much the same. The strippers I didn't give a damn about. But comedians I respect. So it hurt a little more. That's all. There is no big deal there. You just did. He just wanted to say it's okay. Some people.

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