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Do If you want to check out more details on this home text the word savvy to the number 21,000. We'll text right back a link that you can click on view pictures and more information again. This Amazon Brooke Lauren Lane in Raleigh text the word savvy to the number 21,000 for all the details. Coming up on today's show. This is the savvy real tour with Angie Coul Get answers to your home inspection questions. This is ask the inspector. Joining us today is Jarrett Joints home inspector with J H I services, Jared. Probably one of the questions you get all the time. What's this going to cost? What does a home inspection typically run home Buyer? Yes, So it's going to be different for each home Inspector. Each home inspector has a different set of pricing. Typically, what we need to know is the square footage and the year the home was built in order to get your price and as the square footage moves up the price increases as well. And does it also increase if it's an older home, thus probably more problems to find it can. It just depends on the inspection company. Some companies will charge a little extra for older home. For example, if it's 100 year old home is probably going to be another $100. Gotcha. Okay, Well, that's I mean, that's reasonable. You're gonna find more things wrong in 100 year old home And then a one year old home, Right? Right? Yeah. The inspection part of the home buying process is important to get right to help You learn a little bit more about home inspections. We've got a free home Inspecting guide available for you. You can download it on your smart phone by texting the word savvy to the number 21,000. Then just look for the link that we text back to you again. Get your free home inspection guide by texting the word savvy to the number 21,000. This has been asked the inspector with Jarrett joins. Buying and selling a home can be stressful is such a time consuming process trying to list your home, find the right buyer and search through thousands of homes in the area. You want to find just the right place for you and your loved ones. With so many options, it can be hard to know where to begin..

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