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Welcome to the fantasy football time podcast I'm your host Jake. With me as always are Tyler Hollerbach and Matt Wind. What a crazy week one of the NFL season we had there was points flying up and down the NFL scoreboards. But welcome into the fantasy football overtime time podcast, we are going to be recapping week one. We're going to give you a couple of waiver wire targets as well. But today we're going to start this episode with an apology and Matt talking to you I apologize for Rippin your Naim Naim hines take because. He came out and he had the first touchdown of the Sunday night slow Sunday's game slate and he had a second touchdown later and now Marlin is injured naive hines is for real. He's not going to the team fancy points, but he's for real. So I am sorry I'll Jake I accept your apology. I appreciate your policy I was going to blast you for that. Later you Kinda just took away my ammo stole the thunder I. Knew that was coming. I had to take away your steam before you got. Guys you far into it but yes, public apology I agree with you originally when my take was to it was that both Jonathan Taylor and Marla Mac we're GONNA eat into each other with the fact Mac being out for the season jt could beat him in fantasy points but I think both of them are to have a significant boost to what we originally projecting. To, Jonathan Taylor or nineteen hines owner and fantasy football absolutely predicting Melvin Gordon Austin type situation. How about you guys I think we're going to talk about this later but let's talk about it. Now I mean name Hines if he's not if he's available number one waiver retarget, right? Yeah. One hundred percent I'm I am over paying whatever I think I need to pay to ensure that I get him especially in PDF format it may be a little bit more questionable standard yeah. One hundred percent NPR league. Aggressively target him in Standard Leagues I'm still going after him,.

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