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David Graham for giving us the opportunity to be back on the air here on and newsradio nine th well newsradio WFLA now so pleasure to be here who had a day out to is it warm enough for you out there because it's definitely warm enough for me and yesterday we were at the university of South Florida botanical garden and of course this the summer plant a festival summer plant festival over at the university of South Florida botanic garden and I'm telling you if you have if you didn't get an opportunity to get out there yesterday you really need to get there today now the program doesn't start until ten AM this morning so ten until two PM it's a short four hours the four hour program so if you had a church maybe get church going and the shoot out to unit you know right there Bruce B. downs and Fowler Avenue in Tampa just go north on Bruce B. downs is first rate and you're right I think it's alumni drive there are right across from Panera bread and you're there so get in there and and then have some fun I'm going to be there and as I said directly after the programme there is a B. handling class at noon that I'll be attending there should be a pretty interesting because like I can't wait to get my own beehives over at ABC pest control over there in Largo we've got a nice area set up that we're going to put our bees and it should be out of the way should be a perfect perfect spot except for the longer when they got there as I work that out though but we're gonna have us some some beehives back there yeah we want we want to put more bees out there and bees are good to have but they're gonna have a beginner's bee hive beginner's beekeeping class starts at noon today at the university of South Florida botanical gardens so if you're in the pro if you're in the gardens I just stop by and I'm not doing the program it's another gentleman doing the program but I'll be attending that class I want to learn as much as I can before we get our hives and of course I get started over at our place of but I just can't wait to get some beehives us started on our property and you know start making some do you licious funny as well so again if those of you that have not had an opportunity to get down there to the university of South Florida botanical garden I implore you to go there today probably after church now one of the nice things about university South Florida botanical gardens is the fact that they've got a you know it's a summer festival is a smaller festivals in the normally have this spring festivals always largest but you know they got a lot of nice looking things out there great and you all's great perennials are plants mostly perennials but they do have some manuals they've course about herbs and spices I met Mike is out there with his herbs in us all kinds of different types of herbs as he always has the Datsuns are out there of course Jeff Dodson in fact I'm gonna be interviewing him next week so if you turn turning to you I learn a lot more about different types of citrus and different types of fruit trees as next week's program we're gonna do a we're going to go in depth on different types of fruit bearing trees so I tune in next week for that as well it's gonna be a great show also if you like you kinda you know lot of people put different types and knickknacks out into the garden there's a lot of people they're selling some very interesting things and I think you need to walk around enjoy the day and take a look at some of the items that they have for sale at the university of South Florida botanical garden again I will have my beloved plumeria is out there by canaries that com that's my website for people if if you ever go online I don't know you could be listening to the program out in California you could be out in Wyoming Michigan and I knew we got people from New York we got people all over the country and internationally as well out in Ukraine listening to the program live obviously I heard media's app apps I if you're listening by plumeria is dot com B. Y. P. L. U. M. E. R. I. A. S. dot com is the website for my plan areas that we ship out now we don't ship international I'm sorry but we do ship throughout United States and if you're interested in picking up some put areas for your place they they grow everywhere and I I'm trying to get people that I have sold to throughout the country especially in the northern climates up in New York New England area if you have photographs of your plumeria as on rooftops I want pictures of them growing on your roof tops so I want I don't put them on our website I want to show people yes you can grow these just about anywhere throughout the country yeah you just take a minute first prostate comes by you take command you take leaves off to go to sleep you still have to water maybe once a month but they'll go to sleep in a sunny window inside your apartment or what wherever you are and they'll go to sleep once in the last frost is done you put him back up on your offer poor where wherever you happen to be but in the big cities you know I mean black people departments he's putting up on the roof I don't I were anywhere else you're putting out right where you need to go and they grow just fine absolutely fantastic I've I've seen some absolutely beautiful picture I can't wait to get mine the internet for people to see but if you have photographs of your listening via the I heart media app please or online through our I eat you know nine seventy WFLA listen live link I I want you to send me those photographs to mark MA RK at ABC dash pest control dot com so I can get those I to our internet link and you can.

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