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Authorized their authorized. You are allowed to do it because there's an emergency. so this is the washington post getting maximum. Pinocchio 's from me well they deserve as many pinocchio dole out because you're right saying that it has been approved and it's not expecting really calling americans basically crazy and dangerous for not wanting to just jump a non approved vaccine this experimental it's backwards world and fau cheese speaking of that same survey he wants trump to push his supporters to get the co vaccine after what is being called a disturbing poll result whereas you said the white trump cunanan like supporters are most likely to take the vaccine and found. She urged this at the right. After the psa that included all the other former presidents that are still alive who promoted to getting the vaccine to to the population trump did not appear in that psa. They blocked him out of it. But so and this away. The african american community is being targeted for vaccine hesitancy. Now we have trump cunard community being targeted for vaccine hesitancy. This is a way to kind of create an apartheid from using that term correctly based on ideology at this point you can say you support trump or believe these certain things you are dangerous and therefore you must be separated from society based on those beliefs and it's a choice so you're allowed to be discriminated against for something that's a choice so that's what they're gonna say with that. Yeah felt she also went on to discuss something that you brought last week. The three feet study. There's a study. Where's the study out of massachusetts massachusetts. That found that. There's no difference and social distancing three feet and six feet will jake tapper brought that up and fau just took it in stride saying that. Yeah this is part of the data that we're collecting as the state comes in. We're gonna be talking to the cdc. I talked to them every day. And we're going to be making new public health recommendations based on studies like this. So i expect it to get moved to three feet sue but it makes you wonder what the hell of we've been doing the past year. Then if you're waiting for the data now well..

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