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Cheryl hanging out behind the hawk of this show is like a nineteen eighty four sitcom. It's like the fresh prince of bel air full house. I heard the full house and becky got out of got was a prison choosing prison prison. Yeah i heard she got out of prison. That was kind of cool. Yeah i not cool what she did but now i was there a party. It's amd becky man i mean. Nobody from full full house could be bad. Turns out they're all pretty. A lot of them. Are pretty pretty rough. Like bob sag. It's like the dirtiest comedian in the world. Yeah his comedy is a for the not for children. It's not bad it's just really. I mean you gotta be prepared you. It's like rated are are. Are you know like a pirate or something. It's got to be careful but am becky's i mean the olsen twins. They kind of got out of hollywood this way too much things are not. I don't know how i got into full house. But did you watch that show. Oh yeah did you watch the new one fuller house. Solar a netflix. Pretty corny isn't it wasn't the original pretty damn quick. How the hell did they fit in that tiny house. There had like twenty people in their family. It san francisco. And they're all squished together. They just they were just used to it. I think the big house. Okay as tall. Yeah it was tall like five storey house and they made like uncle. Joey live in the attic or something. Yeah uncle jesse got like his own room his own studio to record his band and uncle joey just in the attic with his puppets. What what does show man. What what did they think of next although they've thought of a lot since then oh my goodness What else okay. john. Elway this whole deal. I time to think about this thing. You remember my blog. This this this week is my deep thoughts from a wandering mind. What happened to kicking and screaming. What happened to that. Remember john elway two thousand fourteen. The broncos get there aren't kicked by the indianapolis colts twenty three to fourteen thirteen. Twenty four to thirteen th i reverse my number we do that. Just like with the broncos record we reverse numbers They lose elway's elway's pissed right. He saying we're gonna lose. We're going down kicking and screaming. Nobody looked happy in that game. Didn't look like we wanted to win that game. Then so what ultimately happened by by john fox. And then you bring in. He's still have managed to have this offense but you become this kind of tough nasty team you turn in. You know you really start to invest in the defense. You you hire gary kubiak you hire wade phillips and this team becomes nasty on defense. Perhaps the greatest defense of all time and didn't need to go down kicking and screaming because they won the superbowl that year. That many games where you wondered if they were going to win defense kept coming up with crazy turnovers. The whole brock osweiler thing. I mean it was a nutty nutty year..

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