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Behind the mission. For more information, visit KBR dot com. 7 38. Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks now, back to Jack Taylor. Still pretty busy with delays in the district running inbound on suitland Parkway from Maryland as you ride inbound into the district. You're pace improves after Stan road. You're a little slow at first Sterling, but look at that delay going inbound on the 11th street bridge. We've had some slow traffic coming north on it two 95, leaving laboratory road, then again as you approach Malcolm X avenue, slowest traffic was the Virginia side, crossing the 14th onto the eastbound freeway. It did sound as if we'd had some sort of activity after the third street tunnel. It had been reported along the left side, but we can see downtown as you leave the third street tunnel, the pace is improving, so hoping that may have just been completely cleared. You'll find the bellway in Maryland slows inner loop after branch avenue down toward the Wilson bridge, topside outer loop from 95, just past George avenue, then as you approach old Georgetown road, leaving two 70 headed through the big curve after the sperm, but before you get to river road, that's where we had reports of a crash reported to be along the right side. Colesville road, 29 south after university boulevard, left sides blocked, you got the right travel lane, and the right lane that goes to the beltway getting by, crashed with a vehicle facing the wrong direction, had been west bed on the ICC after 29, blocking the right lane. You're going to find branch avenue in north at moores road that record had been along the right side of the roadway. We're still very heavy with some slowing on the beltway in Virginia coming out of Springfield in the annandale. Looking better though as you pass 66, had one broken down, that got moved over safely onto the shoulder, a little heavy again as you approach the toll road. 95 north near centerport Parkway crash had been along the right side of the roadway. 66 east without a lot of fanfare, thankfully, out in your business two 34, crash seems to be over on the right shoulder. Then the huge delay begins right around just after 50 as you approach one 23, all the activity on the ramp to the end of the beltway. It's a tractor trailer versus a car, right, shoulder is what's getting by on that ramp. Arlington boulevard west before glee wrote in north Jackson street, the wreck there is still in place just the left lanes getting by. Jack Taylor TOP traffic. And at a storm team fours Mike stina. We're going to raise a part like cloudy to mostly cloudy today. It will be a mild day if you like showers or sprinkles are possible. Don't try to breezy in the afternoon.

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