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Two main sticking points that often come up grid, reliability and price. Let's start with the grid when it's dry outside, as it often is. In California, and winds start to whip the state's electrical suppliers have begun shutting off the power to prevent wildfires. The spokesperson for the utility company says it's hard to say how long the allergist will last. And that's not to mention when fires themselves, knock out the power or storms or mudslides. So if you rely on electricity to charge heat and cool everything in your house, and it goes out What are you left with? City Council member Kristen Snowden is well aware of this concern. She teaches earth science at Santa Barbara City College and seized the issue of grid reliability as a self perpetuating loop. The issues with the electrical grid right now, being unreliable has to do with climate change, and the extreme weather events were having and drought and becoming a tinderbox basically. In other words, burning natural gas is fueling climate change, which is fueling extreme weather events, which is fueling our need to shut off the electrical grid You can look at Texas is freak. Winter storm is the most recent example which left millions of people without power. Council member, Snowden says. We need to combat that issue by decentralizing our electricity system. She wants to see more community microgrids, more solar panels on people's roofs and more batteries and people's homes. That's what she did at her own house..

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