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Michael was brought in for questioning in his State of residence. It's New Orleans without hearing. Why officers asked him? If he'd been to Idaho Falls yes. He answered that was enough to prompt a cheek cheek swab for a DNA test back at his home. US recalled a friend appointed him toward the Angie Dodge case he then learned about the search warrant and the DNA connection made on ancestry dot com over a month. Later he received an email from sergeant with the Idaho Falls police departments. We just wanted to let you know that your DNA did not match our crime scene DNA. Something you already knew. Thank you for your cooperation in the interview. You and the time you took for us. Your DNA results will not be used for any other purpose. According to a forty eight hours interview being cleared as a suspect act while extremely welcome did not take away from the terrifying nature of being suspected of murder. I was angry at everybody. He said. Police scientists these database companies. How could they misfire so bad hoping to prevent something similar from happening to someone else us? We decided to produce a documentary about his experience. He reached out to Angie's mom Carol and discovered that she was confident. That Angie's killer was somehow related to the filmmaker homemaker struck by passion. His documentary aspirations shifted. He decided to focus instead on. Carroll's quest for justice finally in two thousand nineteen someone who's DNA matched. The evidence from the crime. Scene was arrested fifty three year old. Brian Lee drips at the time of the murder. He lived across the street from Angie and he was a relative of Mike Three he'd been questioned and early on in the investigation but he was never asked for DNA once again. A public database helped the investigation leading to his mother. He moved moved several hundred miles away from Idaho falls after the murderer which is where authorities located cigarette but he had tossed to the ground to test when police arrested him him. He claimed to know nothing about Angie's case but his shaking hands seemed to hint at another story once he learned that his DNA had been found. The crime scene drips can clean about his involvement with no help from anyone else. He said he had acted alone. According into an affidavit of probable cause obtained by East Idaho News drips told police that he'd only intended to rape. Angie not kill her when he entered her apartment in Nineteen ninety-six he then admitted to killing her holding a knife to her throat during the sexual assault and ending up cutting her throat when he was done done washed his bloody gloves in her bathroom. He added and said he believed. Angie was still alive when he left two months after after the confession tap was back in court to be fully exonerated this time without technology without genealogy research we we would have never found Angie's killer. Carol told forty eight hours it is the key that opens the door to justice a police officer officers. Who helped bring the case to a close said? Carol knew more about DNA than heated in May of two thousand nineteen. She launched a gofundme called five for for hope which benefits nonprofit cold-case foundations and underfunded police departments and helps purchase testing equipment and supplies for more technology the advancements to help solve other cases and bring closure to victims families as for Auntie dodges family. They continue to honor her memory which that closure seems to only help the memorial site reads. Angie will forever live in our hearts and memories of her will be forever cherished. Angie survived by her mother Carol Dodge and three brothers Brent Todd and Roger Fourteen precious nieces and nephews grandma may Nelson many aunts uncles cousins and an abundance of many friends. Surely till's loved ones. The young woman who loved Christmas this nature her old boat of a car and her new Chevy remains as her gravestone states a precious angel. This has been murder minutes for true crime anytime. Download the murder minute APP or follow us on Instagram at murder minute for exclusive content and early access find the show on.

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