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Accused the two top officials Gilbert and Alonso of getting contracts their friends in New Jersey calling meetings in failing to attend them end up being more focused on accumulating power and I'm promoting a walkie each so these two folks are on the sidelines until the investigation has concluded that of course is not the first time at the concerns raised about the pair they did work for the New Jersey Democrats and they were kept in circulation disaster in Milwaukee which is again in a swing state and this house disaster in Iowa and is probably the worst news for all of these people clearly the worst news for all these people is the is the fact that Donald Trump in this new Gallup poll is soaring forty nine percent for Donald Trump in terms of approval rating forty two percent among independents sixty three percent of Americans love have trumpet handling the economy from getting reelected with those numbers in it doesn't matter who the Democrats nominate nominated socialist from is gonna have a lot to attack and I'm a lot to attack meanwhile rumors abound that Joe Biden is trying to challenge the results in Iowa to avoid the inevitable conclusion of the underperform we'll get to that in just one moment first you've heard me talk about ray comes wireless you're much before why where ray consul number one right this and just as good as other wireless your budget number do they cost fifty percent of other your bus number three they don't have the wires attached to them and you have the ones that are attached to the wires and then you take now to get on your phone Iraq must put in your pocket takes half an hour to dis entangle them to detangle them depend but instead get wireless earbuds that work for you and I are going to cost you a fortune also one of the great things about ray comes in a wide variety of things to come like a little metal card that has pieces that specifically fit to your rate constant that perfectly in your ear ray kind of just released their best model yet the twenty five six hours of playtime seamless Bluetooth pairing more bass more.

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