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Are, were a doberman owner. Yeah, we actually princess, yes. We had princess and then she we got into breeding for a little bit. And so we've done the doberman breeding game. One from her litter we had was duchess and so we had duchess for a little bit. And then, yeah, unfortunately, I did not live in a place that was very conducive to having a lot of animals that would try to run away. We lived on a very busy street. And so that was a sad day. I grew up with lots of lots of bad memories. So we'll walk past that for a second. I'm sorry for bringing it up. Hot dogs go to heaven. It's okay. But yeah, I loved overmans, and yeah, princess was my dog. I had her for almost 6 years. Which is great. Do you remember princess? I do, I do. She was the first two years that we were friends. You had her. Yeah. But doberman smeared the epitome of rich guard dog. Like I have my state. I have my manner. And I have my not one, but two dobermans to guard the premises. You have to. And they will buy it and they will attack you if you try to get on. And so this again is one of my goals is I will have two dobermans on my round estate. So there are actually four different colors of governments. And if you start looking them up, this is just a nice little tangent time for us to tangent time. There are four different colors. There is the classic black and next is the red, which is more of a brown, but still has the same markings. There is also a blue doberman, which is kind of more of a, it looks more gray and then you can also find albino dobermans. You definitely don't want to breed an albino dog, but they just look so cool. And I want one. I know, but I know doberman. I would love to have an albino Dover and yes. I would actually love to have all of them. I want to have one of each because it's like, they look so cool and to have all of them. It just seems cool. I would like black. Black women for the classic classic the classic. Like if you're going to buy a Chanel purse, you got to get the black one for your first one. You're not getting the crazy yellow color. Okay? It's a big investment. That's true. Only when you're on your 5th or something, do you go crazy and you get lemon yellow? Okay, so now let's talk about, I mean, we got to talk about it, right? Georgia, she's voice and sung by the great Bette Midler that Midler. Which, okay, here's a funny thing. At the end of that, I felt like it was weird that she got last billing on the on the credits. And I'm thinking, is that a thing that's better in some way? Because you're last because it's only a very short term. So yeah, well, sometimes when they do movies, they do starring this person and this person and at the very end they say with blah blah blah. Like, you know what I'm talking about? Right. I feel good right now. Okay, let me see if I could good old Quora is helping us figure this out. So this is from Philip Mayer..

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