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We had to and it takes some clarity to explain to them that there are no positive people who are doing with their lives. Hating on Twitter. Like, you won't find the top of your industry or a CEO or the best players in the game going in people's comments and just tearing them down. And it takes you to look back at that. And say, you know, what? So these are the people not happy with their own lives, and you have to break it down like that to them to be able to not look into that runs. The I don't even think it takes clearly just know who you are if you know who you are then. Yeah. I can hear it because we're going to hear it. We can block out the no you can't block out the chatter. You're gonna hear the. Chatter. You're going to have to make a choice to eliminate. What you hear or to take? What you hear in let it either fuel you or just dismiss it. It's a choice. No where you are confident who you are. And if you're not you're gonna fall to it every time and Grigg the point I'm making is to it takes a unconditional loving adult to define for a young person who they are our help them. Discover who they are. And I look at a lot of the young athletes, and that element has been missing. And it's not just because the parents are going sometime the pants are letting the ipod video games raised their kid. Instead of we look I'm so old that we had to talk to each other. There was no other entertainment. There was one phone in. My mama was on it. Most of the time this. This. Me. And my brother didn't talk we didn't interact with our free. And so I see a lot of loss kids, and I see smart people in Silicon Valley going there's a vulnerable group of people out here that we can build a business, and we can manipulate and I see a lot of these young athletes struggle with and I feel sorry. Lock locking volley. Greg Jimmy's and March at back. It's time to play survivor for somebody will get voted off the island. Let's move to the Los Angeles Rams who are still reeling from their disappointing Super Bowl performance Todd Gurley didn't speak with the media yesterday as the team cleared out their lockers. So we don't get any more information about why you only touch the ball eleven times in the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Jared golf did talk to reporters and continue to put the blame for the Rams loss on himself. All right Marcellus. There are rumors that are there was a story ridden it. Hey, should would Sean McVay move on from Jared golf if Kirk cousins became available in a year? So and clearly there's talk there's been talk now about maybe trading Todd Gurley if you had to choose if you had to vote one off the island golfer girly can I buy another vote getting both the Super Bowl. How bones respected homeys? By position. I think it's a tie, really. But by position because I devour viewed the running back position and his value list. I would say tog early I've seen more moments of less Todd Gurley. Remember, I told you the breakdown of his rookie year, even though it was a rookie of the year campaign. One out of the last eight games he had hundred yards and next year. He didn't have one hundred yard game at all. I saw a longer stretches of lows photography than for Jared Goff. And you can't get rid of quarterbacks. Like, I would get a at UPS right now and pay for one thousand dollars and he gave me three yards like four yards. But I can't go fine quarterbacks everywhere. So by position is gotta be tug early. Yeah. I'll go Todd Gurley as well. And I think just the history of the running back position you think about this two hundred fifty.

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