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Pasco county sheriff Chris nocco says massad fired two shots and the suspect made statements. He does not want to go back to jail. The suspect has a previous history of violence. He says massad had several weapons in his home as well as illegal drugs. He's in jail and has been replaced by an acting mayor Peter King CBS news Orlando the bankruptcy of energy giant Enron eighteen years ago, led to thousands losing their jobs and rendered more than two billion dollars in pension payments. Worthless. Now, the executive who paid the highest criminal cost is free Enron's founder and chairman Ken Lay and former CEO Jeffrey Skilling were tried together. In two thousand six for their roles in shady business dealings in accounting manipulations, at led to the company's collapse in two thousand one both men were convicted but later died six weeks later while under appeal skilling was sentenced to twenty four years in prison. But after reaching a deal in two thousand thirteen that was cut to fourteen years in all he was fine Forty-five. Million dollars spent twelve years in federal prison and six months in a halfway house before his release Thursday. Brian Clark ABC news, winter warmth, flames lighting up the campus of Harvard University. It's a way to help. Everybody through winter plaza winter fest running through the middle of March is right here in the middle of Harvard, University campus, and they've got all kinds of stuff. I wish that we had had something like this. When I was in school. You have fire pitch games food, and it's not just for students. It's for anybody in the area. What do you think about this? Well, I'm I'm impressed. I stopped to take a picture of the fire pet, and it's it's lovely. It's just the ambiance is beautiful from Harvard University curl, Stephen stubby BC. Boston's NewsRadio anti organizers of the summer Olympics in Paris and twenty twenty four have their way. There will be changes..

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