'Presidents are not kings': Federal judge says former White House counsel Don McGahn must speak to House


Are not kings no one not even the head of the executive branch is above the law all of a judgment from a judge ruling in Washington they could have an impact on the impeachment process against Donald Trump it says the former White House counsel dome again must testify to congressional investigators despite orders from the trump administration that he should not that's related to the now closed inquire into Russian interference in the twenty sixteen US elections on North America correspondent David Willis says that that ruling has potentially serious implications for the trump administration now up to now the white house's insisted to that members form I'm president of the trump administration what immune from giving evidence to Congress for now a federal judge has decided otherwise saying in her ruling that the president is not above the law or not therefore able to come moms are people on his staff not to give evidence to Congress this is significant for a number of reasons not least because it could heighten a Democrat Dimond's for people who Fussball been reluctant to give evidence to the impeachment inquiry to come forward Mick Mulvaney the White House chief of staff the secular state Mike Pompeii of possibly among them and it could perhaps lead to more junior White House aides and StarOffice Bob's decided to come forward and testify of their own volition but also it could bolster any case that house Democrats were thinking of bringing against president trump in his administration in regards to obstruction all of the Congress don McGann it is somebody who serve for nearly two years in the trump administration and there's a great deal about it he told Robert Louis inquiry into Russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election that he was told by president trump on several occasions to get rid of Mr Miller and when that story leaked out he was also commanded to hold a press conference and deny that it ever happened and this again a decline to do both all of those things but clearly he has a lot to say to Congress if you get the chance to do so given that the White House is now appealing this federal judge's ruling

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