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Doesn't help that. He can't stop thinking about last Thanksgiving with his brother a week before. Nikki was drafted in the Vietnam War which we did see. The and flashbacks Thanksgiving was always a terrible time for the Pearson brothers of finding that year with their father screaming inside the House Jack Decides the two of them are going to be on Thanksgiving they head of the bar where Nikki ends up winning boatloads of money betting against the cowboys. His Dad's favorite team and the boys had to restaurant were. They proceed to eat five pounds of shrimp in two thousand nineteen Randall. Has Nikki pick out a CD. From the case. And he goes with Leonard Cohen Album. When Randall puts it's on the song so long Marianne he starts telling Nikki about how much Jack loved the song in how he'd always explained the meaning behind it? Randall heard about it. So much. Much can repeat the speech verbatim. Nikki is visibly moved by this back in nineteen sixty nine post shrimp binge. The brothers are listening to music in the back of Jack's truck and the same song comes on Jack doesn't like it at all. Nikki goes explained with the songs about the same speech. Randall knows by heart in the car. With Randall Nikki is trying trying to hold back tears. Because this means that Jack didn't completely erase in for Ms Life or as children's lives Jack Always kept apart nicky with him. By the time we get to Nikki telling the pearsons Persson's about his best Thanksgiving ever offering them five pounds of shrimp as the new Jack Pearson Inspire tradition to

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