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To me when you're young bedrooms are fine line because somebody noticed when you're old they hurt. There's no good way you can get a bad review when you're older and you had a career for a long time the snark. I never read it until I came. Came out against trump tower got picked up on the right wing sites and I looked at the comment. I was shocked because they were saying that faggot. At all it made me laugh. The my look at me looks like a corpse. I mean the meanest stuff they were and I was just stupid because I've never dot kind of stuff about right and I always said about reviews. You read the goblins twice the bad ones want and put them all away. Never look at it again. Some of his underground films from the Sixties and seventies we once-banned for that bad taste but American film director. John Waters also known as the Pope of trash always believed that quote. Being accepted is the worst. This thing that can happen to a creative person today. However he's loaded as a national treasure invited to give commencement speeches at universities and received lifetime? Achievement the woods around the world. The director of pink. Flamingos starring his friend. The actor and Drag Queen Divine and has break which later turned into the hit Broadway. Musical still lives in his hometown of Baltimore now at seventy. Three waters is his prolific Zephyr with an ongoing stand up comedy. Show this filthy world new nonfiction book. Mr Noah tool the tonnage wisdom of filth elder and his first novel about a woman who steals suitcases airports currently in the works. I'm I'm Daphne. Kansas and I met with John Waters at the Thessaloniki Film Festival in Greece for the big interview. John Lewis's his welcome to the big interview. Thank you while you've been here. You performed your stand up show. This filthy wealthy was fantastic for great audience. So amazes me that I can come for a foreign country. Sorry and do the show in English and I talk fast. There's a lot of slang and even people in America don't talk about guys being terrorists all the dollar out on on a half. The stuff is you're talking about and my sister said the same thing the gay stuff. I don't even mean when you're talking about but audience last night understood it and and it was amazing and we had a translator. Simultaneous must be so hard to do at the same time. I was great and it just amazes me that I can come in America. Were so stupid. We can't even speak English correctly and everybody can speak another language in a country. Brian here for as a gun problem. There's not an opioid problem. It's amazing to me because we have so many of those problems that are so out of control in America. Now it's got a really amazing just was in Australia. It was the same thing. No gun problem grow. Do you take into account when you're facing an audience from Different Cultures Because you've perform the show the world but the same with your films. Is it something you take into account. They always had foreign audiences but bad taste is universal on international. That's definitely improve but more what I say. Okay now when I do my show which is always being rewritten. It's completely different all the time and I have a Christmas show is totally different too but I always try to do a lot of research and put in Greek Greek jokes which I did last night. I forgot one but to put in things that have just happened here because I think that's good name of the local porn vader but no one will talk about that kind of thing so I think I do spend a Lotta time preparing for it and I think the audience was just amazing they really connected to it and made me feel incredibly well. You're leading a workshop for young directors. While you're hey I'm just curious. What's the one thing that you wish you'd been taught very a different because when I was young you couldn't have made the movies that I may? They wouldn't have allowed to make a film school today. Would so it's very very different. is to get your hands on all the equipment. Get your hands on all the free stuff that you won't be able to get if you're not film school to me school. is you go because you don't know what you want to be. So you figuring out. What's the point of school? I always knew what I want to be. But they wouldn't let me so. I had a very bad experience in school. I got thrown out of school. I had no degrees degrees. But they give me now. Honorary degrees colleges when I do the commencement speeches which is amazing. I got thrown out of every college. Doc I guess it'd be just stick around long enough eventually embrace it. Things have changed so much. I don't think I've changed but I think humor has changed and I think bat is very very important. I think American humor now is just the kind of stuff I always did and with trump. He's ruined the word unemployed. You can't even nothing so bad edits bad anymore. Nothing so bad. It's good anymore trump. I mean it's not Camp Harry decorates. The White House is. His hair is in camp. It's just obey and you spoke there about how you're giving commencement speeches and I think this is something that you spoke about in your most recent book Mr Not all the tarnish wisdom of a fill felder this notion and of acceptance that you didn't really see coming and it was kind of the opposite to what you had experienced in your earlier years. What do you put that down to nutshell? How did it happen? Did you see it coming. How did it feel on a personal level? Coming gradually over the years where film festivals would have May and and I got started getting these awards and stuff for Bat was only recently in the last ten years and I think it's because I lasted and somehow I negotiated my way through Hollywood and I don't have any complaints about how Hollywood away with treated me and I don't think I'm mean-spirited. I make a lot of things. I like. The Art World the movie industry fashion. But I like things I think you can. I mean and it's real funny for ten minutes. It's not funny for seventy minutes. Now I'm mean about trump but I try to be funny to and in every city when I did the last tour four I would say okay I know there must be somebody for trump here. Stand up and say something as funny hatefully about our candidates as as we did we would love to and people would applaud at my audience. Would only one person ever stood up in one. said he's he was drunk and he said I native American urban even you. It gives the acts all you got. You said that being accepted it was the worst thing that could happen to create person. And I think what you'll tell me if I'm right but what sort of meant by that. Is that it ceases to become abyss. What you're going up against but don't you think the fact that you're accepted is kind of a sign of success because not because it means that people have embraced your messages your characters your stories and therefore there's nothing to relegate? The worst thing is if if you're accepted right in the beginning the very first thing you do is accepted and you've cards no trouble and it's instantly. You're not going to last so long in the beginning we're really somebody has to like but it helps most people don't and you can use that negative. It's harder to do that today when I was young. I based a career bad reviews. You can't do that. Critics too smart to give you the great bed quotes like the worst fell the most repulsive film and film history. Who wouldn't put battle box cover today? They would they'd be too smart to I mean on that point. I think one of the things that we love him draws the steel films is that they shockers walkers. I mean sure they definitely make us laugh as well but they make us feel uncomfortable and I can definitely attest to the Irish wash. Pink Flamingos with my mom. And it was. It was definitely not comfortable but she wanted to see if she was going to interview you and she said I want to watch. Pink Flamingos and sisters are said to me. I'm not sitting with mom at any your movies and when you give those talks I'm not sitting anywhere near and my mother told me the worst was at a premier something in the most hideous seen everybody would turn around and look at her to see for a reaction worth so it made it even more embarrassing. But I'm just curious walk. See what makes you feel uncomfortable but things that are funny like racism and trump anthony stupid romantic comedies and sequels to twelve movies. That are exactly the same before his gum chocolate provided as much you know what they don't care about that no one cares. I I hated forrest gump because it was a huge hip but today what shocks me is not good things when people are trying to. It's not funny either. You know I think the joker shot me in a way that it was good. I thought it was. Maybe it is a dangerous movie which I find delightful. There could be a movie still. That could be dangerous in a good word. One of the criticisms of joker and I guess you have a lot of violence and Gore and your films as well and a lot of people are sort of making connections saying that as we're seeing violence. ONSCREEN could that perpetuate or even lead to violence offscreen. What what's your view? I'm not the real crazy. People Can Watch Disney film and think a tree was talking to them and told them to kill somebody. If you're that stupid the VM enroll because they dug a no. I don't believe that really happens too much unless you're schizophrenic Brenick. Something and I think that's not movies fault really I. I don't like real violence. I hate it when there's t even on Youtube Really WanNa see somebody else wanted a walk into a plate guedes wind or no. I don't want to see that the famous newswoman killed herself on the. I don't WANNA I don't WanNa see real violence at all fake balance. I think the end of Quentin Tarantino's movie was joyous violence and Alarium and hopeful because it would have let Sharon tate live so I just ruined but.

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