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Stocks climbing Thursday is major indexes extend to the rebound into a third day. The Dow finishing with a two hundred sixty four point gain after a rally over the last few days, the S and P five hundred now to up two point five percent in oil prices continuing to weaken after the department of energy said US crude stockpiles increased for the sixth straight week WBZ news time five oh four here. Check sports. Sharon thorsland, well, the Hornets had a big lead in the third quarter. But they couldn't hold on to the thunder last night. One eleven to one seven. Dornan's rushed out to a nineteen point lead in the third. But Russell Westbrook led the thunder back he had twenty nine points. Tennessee's Kemba Walker lake Monte each had twenty one points for the Hornets who are back in action versus the Cavaliers on Saturday night. Celtics at a team record twenty four three pointers. I handed the bucks their first at the season one seventeen to one the negatives are seven and one after riding the Cavs ninety one Portland, the seventy Sixers and the kings. Also, Cleveland's been awarded the twenty twenty two NBA all star game the Cavan hosted since nineteen ninety seven the raiders continued their losing ways they got routed by the forty honors last night thirty four to three to follow one in seven on the season the Niners. I've got a huge performance out of their newest quarterback, Nick Mullins and undrafted free agent. Who's never played in the regular season before he threw for two hundred sixty two yards and three touchdowns with a one fifty one point nine passer rating wins NAFTA six game losing streak for the Niners. The Panthers take on NFC south rabble Tampa.

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