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By twenty feet like a living room? But I haven't has a ceiling tree branches are linked over head, and it's perfectly flat. And I'm sitting here in this room. Every the whole forest is around me. And I'm telling you within moments immediately, relaxed me, and I can completely understand by Chris. Knight withdrawn, their Chris camp was somehow in the forest and yet completely apart from it at the same time make the sound of the wind in the trees without feeling that show. It's the out into the woods with being seen and everything had it's place in that way. That only happens in a home that's been truly lived in. Objects on the trees and the trunks of growing around them. It was a mushroom growing out of another tree which Chris told Mike had watched sprout and expand over the course of the seasons. Although like so many things in Chris's life. He couldn't tell Mike exactly how old it was. Years had absolutely no important to it's just the season, the moon, the temperature, and he never ever ever was lonely or bored. Just sitting there quietly was extremely entertaining to him. Did you ever talk to himself? Of course. I asked him that question. He thought that that was an absurd question. Never once never one word, and I believe him. Okay. What about journal? Never wrote one word down did a couple of crossword puzzles he thought that everyone who wrote a book or took a picture painted something wrote a poem all they were doing is thinking about an audience because that's constructing something for someone else to read or even yourself at a later date, which doesn't even exist. If you're living in the here. And now it was absurd to him to write something down. Most of the time crystal Mike, he didn't even really have a sense of self. He just kind of was what he sensed forest. Sounds around him. Nature and at the same time it shocked, Mike when he finally found the site to realize close it was as hard as it'd been defined than yours cabin was just a three minute walk away. You could you could easily here canoeist talking to each other. You hear dogs bark? You hear cars crunching over gravelly and night was very very close to civilization never felt the need to return. But why do you think that is exactly like why not occasionally go into town or or check in with his family? I think the reason is he just had that sort of mind where he decided what the rules were and. Like, a sort of Buddhist monk. Just realized that he would sooner die than break these rules. Every single aspect of Chris nights. Life was built around the principle of non interaction not having to see anyone or be seen and not leaving any evidence of his existence. And if you think that this is just some kind of game he was playing with himself that he could stop at any time. So it was just a loner having fun in the woods. Consider what he put himself through in. Winter what Chris Nagle me? He didn't winter is a fee of survival one. There's snow Aleve tracks in the snow. He made it a rule that he wouldn't leave tracks..

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