Wildfire outside Santa Barbara, California, threatens homes, causes evacuations


A wind driven wildfire in Santa Barbara is going grown to more than three thousand acres overnight and is threatening homes near galena we have no reports of any structures damaged or destroyed by the fire right now that Santa Barbara county fire captain Daniel bird at Charlie he told Katie S. B. Y. TV that the weather conditions of put firefighters in a defensive situation whenever you have a fire is being pushed by a forty or fifty mile an hour wind you can't keep up with it you can't control it so what you have to do is you have to get out in front of it and you you you are based on your operations off your priorities which is always gonna be like safety first we want to get evacuations and we want to get people out of the area forecasts call for wind gusts up to seventy miles an hour in the area today mandatory evacuation orders are in place for a number of areas including from pain to cave to Camino cielo and also north of cathedral oaks between highway one fifty four in Paterson Avenue the red cross is set up an evacuation center and the goal leader valley community center the fire has shut

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