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About a thousand. Their team. This is ten getting granted. It's ten games hit. But it's ten games major league baseball, and they're making this look like literally. The way they're swinging about. Due to pitch. Muncie takes outside at a full count. Three two on Muncie. Griot Shah the pitch and Muncie takes ball four high away. That is the seventh walk issued by Colorado pitching tonight. To base runner is Dennis Santana. Coming up. What is pitcher? He might get the kenley Jansen treatment where he just has to stand. There at admire pitches from Sean Alavi hit for himself that means he stayed in the game. So they don't wanna risk. Tweaking anything on a swaying when they needed to go out and get some out. He's weeks and the helmet Fluck is often. It's right one. But at eight of the Dominican Republic, all right? Well, surprise me. Nobody warming in the bullpen in a defensive kenley Jansen he's a little bit more valuable to the team. Sure that Santana's what's right pitches. I what a what great getting the bullpen again for the Rockies. What did they kenley Jansen sad right now for the bullpen to shake his head? What did wanna Dennis Tanner? Here's the pitch swing. Bouncer. Foul off that alone. Wanted to. Now, Cody bellinger's got the scraggly beard going. Do you need to keep it way? Swing to keep it trimmed up one to two Santana low it away backhanded by. Eta? We were talking with the pre-game off, Mike. Justed asked to try to catch just a turtle with the beard. He said let it eat for little bit. We'll see what happens to foul back by Santana. Dude again to two. Two.

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