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Like a widow by slapped my chest as hot as I can to get me in state, but it works every single Tom note. Tony does this too. I think he was a power move is at right, Brenda. Yeah. I think that's what he calls it. But like, you slapping, your chest to imagine if you were going into a meeting or you're going to get new clients or you were going to do something. And you did that that's your that's your anchor. It literally anchors those feelings emotions to you. What's interesting before we go on this interview in this podcast? I did the same thing. But mainstay so makes complete sense. This is amazing such good stuff. Wow. Well, that's really cool because some people have anchors that are music. I mean, I'm very drawn to music. You're not always in a place where you can just crank the music or crank your power song. So sometimes it's just a matter of getting up where you are. And just dancing it out man, like dance shit out of. It's. Or pistol very lonely. If you Don out right true and people like that's just weird. I'm like well do at once tell me how you feel. Yeah. But I think most people kind of want to be stuck in that self pity's. Don't want to be grateful. I don't wanna dance it out. Like, a rob a beat this miserable and unhappy what most people do right? Yeah. Hundred percent 'cause I mean being miserable and unhappy takes less effort. Yes state. The other thing is like most people, and I'm sure you guys run into this. You ask somebody like what they want out of life, and they go, I don't know. Well, how you can get there. I like delay compare this to like GPS, right? Yes. Has three components your current location in your destination and the path to get there. If you don't know where you are currently located how does your GPS work. It doesn't it becomes useless. So stop focusing on the past stop worrying about the future and be present. Because it's your present moment that creates serum as ING future. All areas of life, not just money and success like every area of your life, yet that makes sense what you think anxiety so prevalent in this day and age because so many people that we speak to experience it myself. I'll hold my hands up and be honest and transparent. Now, I've had a lot of anxiety in my life. But why do you think anxieties is so prevalent in society Brenda because we're constantly focused on the future? When I was going through my life changes like my divorce. I was so anxious which is why I turned to the booze because it helped shut my brain off because I was constantly emigrant have enough money is gonna work out. Emma, going to be single for the rest of my life. Like Imigran be low than him. Seventy we focus on the future. Which is why? Anxiety, depression, tend to come from futures thoughts. Right. But I gotta let go of that. And just not don't go there. Yes. Yet that makes complete sense. And it kinda makes sense to if somebody is really serious about transforming unday gets up. Will you will you say enough is enough that probably it will be a good idea to seek out. Someone like Brenda Jones stood. A help because you've been number one. But also you the proven track record. That's why as I mentioned already jasmine in Iowa can with you right now. And we would just can before we dumped on this putt costs. How brenda's given us a kind of meditation visitation Sadie that we listened to before bed. We only been doing it for a couple of weeks already. I'm not just saying it because you're you're live on this puck off right now, Brenda I feel a huge shift right now just in my mindset, and when I wake up first thing in the morning, so I know that this stuff absolutely works. And I know that the subconscious mind is wide open fussing in the morning and loss thing at night. And that's why you told us to this. Tha that audio before we go to sleep. And isn't it, isn't it? Correct. That your subconscious mind is still out putting while you're in at sleep. Oh, absolutely. So when people are like so the programs. I create are designed to help people sleep..

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