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With a spring for roses on his grave. That's Bernie lovers doing a little bluegrass Berman song there reason why is because comedian Bernie lovers and dear Good friend of the show? He has a birthday today, so we wanted To say Happy birthday comedian Bernie Lovers. Yes. Can't wait to get you back in on the show, Man. What a guy. What an ambassador for bourbon as well as we bring in Cigar aficionado. Chad, wait. We're going to talk Father's day. But first I want to say I want to say thank you just a little bit of house. Keeping before we get into Chad, wait. So we have Dad bods and we do. Housekeeping. Yes. What catches This goes back to our W. K r p in Cincinnati, uh, discussing we were trying to We knew Bailey because both of us thought Jan Smithers Bailey was In our eyes, not according to Burt Reynolds. Not according to Burt Reynolds, and we said Loni Anderson. What was her character? Thank you to Susan grades, she says. It was Jennifer. Okay? And she's right. It was Jennifer. Get Jennifer. Hey, let's bring him in right now. Jed weighed up in smoke. Hey, Ted, How are you doing, man? Living the dream. How about you? Same right here, and we were talking. We were talking a bourbon just a little bit ago, and nothing pairs better with bourbon. Then a big thick. I like the big, thick cigars, man, but that's also It's also an art pairing a certain cigar with a certain bourbon, but we'll get on that a later date right now. We want to talk about gift ideas for Dad because It doesn't have to be just the cigars. He might have a plethora cigars. What are some other ideas that we can go by and pick up for Dad for Father's Day? You know, we were selling a lot of cutters Right now. We've got a lot of a lot of different style lighters. Um We've we've got tabletop Hume adores. You know, we've got benched humidors. We've got any kind of human or you're looking for you also, You know, if you really want to think about it, he's got to transport those humidors. I mean those cigars and if he does, he's going to need, you know, like a leather carrier, or, you know, like a case carrier or hurt, you know, And these are real nice things that not everybody thinks of Okay, let's let's talk about that for a second, because I didn't know until I spoke with you. Cellophane has absolutely nothing to do with keeping the cigar fresh. What about Ziploc Baggies? Actually, there is something that you put in a Ziploc bag attractive as they are and put it in your refrigerator, though, right? There's some kind of a makeshift huma door because I didn't know that I thought that plastic kept it fresh until I talk to Chad. I didn't realize no, there's just no, I think the plastic basically what it does is keep it from marrying the flavors of the other cigars in the in the human or Okay, So let's talk about it. You said a little carrying case would that act as a human door when they're traveling? Oh, yeah, Well, you know, keep the humidity enclosed. Yes. Now, some of the carriers will have a humidifier into them, and it will keep them fresh for weeks on end. I mean, you know if you had, like a five or 10, I've seen a what looks like a gun case, You know, like like a suitcase style gun case. People use as that, and they put a humidifier in it. I've seen them last as long as 45 days. So for the person that doesn't have humidifier kind of money. You're humid or money or even really expensive. Cigar money. What are some hacks? You can do that are okay. And what are things you should never do? Should you freeze a cigar, For example, Brian, ever Never never freeze that cigar We're not talking about you know, you remember how you could do cigarettes that away and you can put them in the Fraser and they last for weeks. Yeah, well, I would. I would never want to do that with a cigar. If you want to hack and you know you don't have a humid or you only got five or six cigars and you put them into a wouldn't say a sandwich bag. But I would say a Ziploc bag and you put them in the Chris Brother refrigerator that will ask you about 23 weeks right there. You shouldn't have a cigar that long Anyway, In my opinion, how do we know when they go bad or do they go better? Just don't taste as good. Good question. Well, I think they don't taste as good. I think you can bring them back the humidity to him and freshen the tobacco back up, But I think they don't taste nearly as good after they have reached a date now. Other people argue that but again with this America, we all have different taste. Yeah, okay. But let's talk about the age of a cigar. Because I find that interesting. I begged you to take me through. Your personal collection, and he walks me into this room. Dave gigantic room human doors with pull out trays everywhere. He pulls out a cigar. He said this this cigar here. Is from 1968, and you brought it back somehow, through whatever process the used. Um well, I haven't. That's an ager. You're not telling them the whole facts there. That's not just a humanoid. That's an ager and whittled and what they'll do. It will last longer through that age here because of the way it's sitting there on that rack. Uh, okay, so that that'll keep that cigar. But I still back to that. The conversation that that's not gonna taste nearly as good as when it was in its prime. Okay. Now, when, when, if ever do you smoke? A 54 year old cigar, right? Well, I'll like to thank for the, uh I guess I'm collecting it at this point. You know? I don't know that I will smoke that cigar, but, uh, you know, at some point, you know, I'm hoping the daughter will graduate college and it'll be time to pull out some of that that number one tequila and then let's also pull out some of these cigars and And celebrate not having to pay for that any longer. Well, have Tom Brady sign it. We'll for sure percent. Hey, we're talking dad gifts and one of the best gifts that I can think of. Susan, if you're listening is replenished my cigar stash from up in smoke, but we're talking about here. I got you. We're talking about, you know, let her pay for Come on now. Yeah, I'm with you. Listen when you were talking about human doors, because that's that's my next purchase. I'm late in the game on everything. I was late in the game on bourbon. Okay, I was late in the game on cigars in my life. But now it's a weekend..

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