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Duffy the top local stories We're following this hour no charges for a Montgomery County police officer involved in a fatal shooting, but questions surrounding how the situation was handled remain. Howard County prosecutors issued a finding that Montgomery County Police Sergeant David Coin's use of deadly force in the shooting of 30 Year Old Finn on Berhe of Silver Spring. Was reasonable given the circumstances, while police say it was not clear if there he had mental health issues at the time of the shooting in May, Chief Marcus Jones was asked What about having mental health workers respond. Social workers would not have responded without us for the fact that he had a knife. Howard County State's attorney, Rick Gibson, If you add another human being to that equation, another social worker, it's another person to potentially get hurt. But the continued push for police reform at the state and local level has included the idea of putting more emphasis on de escalation and crisis. Teams before police resort to force Kate Brian W. T. O P knew knew Tonight's D C police officer, saying the department retaliated against her after she reported discriminatory practices in the department. Sergeant Charlotte does Yuzu details the abuses in a new complaint. They include supervisors telling officers to target young black men with improper searches, directing officers to make felony arrest and reclassifying felonies as misdemeanors to improve crime stats. The officer who has been on the force since 2000 for says As a result, she missed out on job opportunities received poor performance evaluations was excluded for meetings and given unfavorable hours. A DC police spokesman declined to come 11 05 looks like the state of Maryland is assuming outstanding construction contracts over the Purple Line project, perhaps to restart the building companies involved the Purple Line Transit Partners recently cease work over dispute about some $800 million and cost overruns. It is domestic violence awareness month across the country. Here's what those running one local county want You to know. The Loudon County domestic abuse in response team, or Dart says that while avoiding public places and work King remotely may curb the spread of Corona virus. People who are surviving domestic violence may be in danger by staying at home. Dart says that this is an epidemic within an epidemic. Judy Hanley of the Loudon abused Women Shelter. We have a shelter with 12 beds that has worked for us for 35 years until this year, And now today we have 24 people and shelter If you are suffering from domestic abuse, make a safety plan that includes plans for leaving and telling family and friends about Abuse Also reach out to local shelters and law enforcement agencies for additional resource is Luke Lucas. W T O P NEWS 11 06 2020.

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