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We're stepping out it's going to be very very cool could be in the single digits. Brian emerald in today's Providence Journal says the Rhode Island house of representatives will continue consider new legislation this year to limit first time opiate prescriptions and to protect the first responders from lawsuits when they use opioid reversal treatments. House speaker Nick Mattiello sitting in a news release that the two bills which he introduced last week would bring on progress that the state has recently made in. Combating the opioid overdose. Overdose crisis. He said these two bills will make improvements that will help prevent addiction in the first place to ensure that nothing stands in the way of an overdose victim getting the emergency help that they need the first Bill would bar practitioners from issuing adults. The first time opiate prescription of more than a seven day supply when also bar practitioners from issuing opioid prescriptions to a minor for more than a seven day supply. And anytime even after the first time prescription Mattiolo's office said the legislation is modeled after some current Massachusetts law yesterday, the House Judiciary committee voted in favor of an abortion prevention Bill, very controversial step forward. Do you think the full house will follow suit? You think they will too? It's supposed to land in their lap on Thursday. You can log onto our website love to hear from you at NewsRadio RI dot com. If you wanna leave a comment, and I'm sure a lot of you have comments on this go to the Facebook page for the program results and your comments will be coming up tomorrow. We did. I have a question yesterday. We took the day off no heavy lifting still trying to recover from the snow. Mark Reynolds in the Providence Journal talks about what's going on in Warwick the council head. There says the F B I has questioned him, but we really not finding out too much more as we hear from Walt butyl. When I witness news Warwick city council president Stephen Merola tells us he's been interviewed by the FBI saying it happened a few weeks ago. I don't know.

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