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Seventy NewsRadio. Good evening. I'm Brian paying our top local stories of eleven o five officials investigate a plane crash that killed the pilot and four people on the ground. And how what will we get here in southern California? We'll find out right now. It's time for traffic together every ten minutes on the fives, who's proper BreX, we've had more spinouts and more problems. It is slick out there. So watch out. We still got showers around the area car hit the right shoulder. Wallin Encino one on eastbound Haskell. It's now facing the wrong way off to the right side of the road. In Glendale looks like that crash a lanes. One twenty eastbound before the two traffic should ease out through the area. And he got big problems in east LA sixty eastbound for Downey avenue crash of the big rig in the three left lanes overturned car involved as well. It's at the end of the Whittier on ramp. So you're basically crawling from the ten you can take the ten to the seven ten southbound or you can take the five southbound and take the seventeen northbound that'll get you back to the sixty s. As well. A couple of problems in Long Beach now seven ten northbound before del Olmo. Somebody lost a ladder in the fast lane that could be really hard to see so watch out for some real Sutton swerving through there and a car ended up over the side in the bushes. Also in Long Beach, four or five southbound for cherry CHP paramedics on the way to check it out in industry got a crash over to the shoulder sixty five northbound past the sixty and the ramp up reckon Anaheim hills of the vehicle that went over the side of the center divider of the toll road, the two forty one northbound just before the ninety one so some activity there off to the left side of the roadway. If you're heading up to the higher elevations, like the San Bernardino mountains chains are required on all the mountain roadway and even on the two in the Angeles national forest, your next report at eleven fifteen I'm Barbara Brooks have more traffic reports..

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