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They wanted to they weren't beaten down by the administration tryon told detect light the sklar systems were failing to know child left our government does the government have him because they stink there the government to me okay europe government work foreign paid for how can our government not government imposed upon me now we're victims of that government they force themselves upon us by the threat of violence if we don't fund their operations whether we like them or not they're going to come in send men with guns i want to pay for war i'm a pacifist and you can't give me one good reason why i should have to pay like i'm responsible for the wars of this government there's not one you better kirk being an american but at a price could be paid for that used to be conscription that you're going to vote tom learning whatsoever voted none of candidates of every one concord either better mps carter harder carter vote torture harder are not old enough to vote for carter carter equally took away chicago really chicago's working so well it's got starving children according deal so why the benefits of the most inefficient organisational model that the world has ever seen and here you are advocating for it to do more i advocate laboratory meyer we do things better a on the right people just hire the right bureaucrats i i wanted to holiday correct actually do a pretty good job at a couple of tax when you compare them to other bureau if you give them work that i would expect a computer to be able to handle than they do now you're now you're train of thought i don't think you heard what she said creator did you hear what she said good very few thing bureaucratic can do to computer cutting through for your break of the modern postindustrial economy the information economy are going to be automated clean out of existence between chemical dumped robot or you better believes bureaucrats their positions be automated the unions don't have an optional just i do hang on you wanna continue i'll keep going with you here bobby fifty five four fifty freaks what about what is directly is he driving i we soviet to get to that because we get distracted with other point of this conversation it's free talk what's he wants here's an urgent alert from the student loan.

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