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I think like it was just a course like surprisingly both jones vissel and like a lot more were filled with all these that like i know like i mean just like in gimmick roles like frigging joshua jackson. You know like You know kevin. Kevin conway cannot kevin. Conway was his name. Charlie conway from ninety dunks like is in the classroom like talking about movies and he's just in that that you know just in that scene in stuff like that And then yeah you have. Sarah michelle gellar. I don't know if this was before after Big big time. Buffy like this movie. I wore last summer. I think so. Because i know after scream and what you did last summer chemo. Like kind of after because the big thing would scream they kind of revitalize the slasher genre for the teen the teen slash drama but Yeah like a so. There's all these different characters. They kind of pulled the same kind of like formula that they did In the first one at the beginning of having these kinds of like actors that you are well known like at that point. Jada pinkett was like on the rise and was very popular of a character. Omar epps to is coming off of like love and basketball So yeah you have their them. Kind of filling in that Drew barrymore character especially putting jay jada picket on the on the poster and then her getting kill. Yeah and then her getting killed ideas such like so that clearly okay. This is become a meta thing you know for this genre and stuff But yeah i mean. I definitely like the kind of like it was like a slight twist. But rehashing of the of the first thing because like you like the sequel has to follow the same formula. But there's like a slight change to that formula So i kind of felt. I think i don't know if i like subconsciously was had remembered and was because i was told like a long time ago that that timothy all fant was the killer but even from the beginning like in that first scene with him like in the in the classroom like I was like it's i. I i was like. Is it the teacher. And then he started talking like on. Oh it's kind of thing and then then the old reporter The other reporter. Like i i kind of had a feeling like it was her. Because she's kind of like i thought originally shoes because she's trying to become the Courtney cox character You know that that That unit reporter. That gets the inside scoop. So she's creating this story..

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